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Has Pete Disappeared


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Has anyone managed to communicate with Pete by e-mail since the last Supernova turns came out? I get just deathly silence in response to mine. As turns are due to run today and I've seen no acknowledgement to my orders arriving, I'm getting alarmed by the lack of response.



empire 4805 Li-Chi-Ko

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Blast I have been discovered


I designed the P/R 6000 many years ago, loaded it up with everthing that was knownat the time about Games theory and added Engrams from some of the finest PBM players in teh world (without ever letting them know) unfortunatly all those conflicting Personalities caused a major instability with the program and it devolved into several personalities. I have it down to 2 and the P/R 6000 seems to work better this way so I have left it alone. Now if I could only get ti to do what I originally designed it for (sigh) Ah well id does make really good games''


Oh, what was it originally designed for? World Domination of course (maniacle laughter)


Um! yes Doctor, I will take my medications now

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You people are such lolly pops! There never was a Pete Dorman. Its a conspiracy by RTG to make think you're in heaven. (St Peter meets you at the Pearly Gates. Gates are the door to heaven. St Pete is the Doorman to Heaven, Pete Dorman) Why did this take so long to crack. Russ has 2 phones one with a Pete voice and one with a Russ voice.

The comment about gamer engrams was good though. It explains why Rick Mcfarland refuses to sit on a floppy disc any more. Be of good cheer


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