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Greetings, Arcane Services, Inc.


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Greetings, Arcane Services, Inc!


Our Portus Volteri class starship of the 150th Recon Fleet has surveyed a warp point leading to the [CLASSIFED] system. Frontier Outpost RC1728-BCC has you listed as a possible empire with ties to the [CLASSIFIED] system because you listed it on the Empire Contact List.


All weapons systems have been disabled and all fleets in the neighboring system have been ordered to stand down, anticipating contact with your people.


Please contact me at your earliest convenience so that our ambassadors can meet in private.


The Admiral Helianthos Eternus IV

of the Everlasting Spawn



Empire 1728

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Man, I never have any luck. :taz:

I wanna find somebody, but I fear I'm the only one playing and everybody here is an AI created by Russ and Pete to trick me. Or I'm lucid due to lack of sleep.

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Having found out from Personal experiance you can't name an empire that same as any one that currently exists. So I would have to believe that Cao Cao the Good :blink: is perhaps pulling the old sixth leg trip on you Krelnett_of_Kraan (and Sha'thar of the Gosht Kohr or would that be pulling the old tail trick).


Good guys can still pull a prank :ph34r:


CTO Sssarass

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I would guess Cao Cao the Nice Guy is a GSL player. It would be a classic example of a bad person pretending to be a "white hat"



How could that happen :robot: .


Penn has assured us that there is absolutely no way that a bad guy could get into the GSL. I don't know how he's 100% sure of this, because as he has pointed out, I don't know the inner workings of the GSL. I guess they have some super fool-proof method of screening prospective members.


I know you don't want to give away all your secrets, but if Penn could elaborate some on their methods for screening, I, for one, would feel much safer in the galaxy.

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My tiny little mind can't fathom how someone could feign goodness just to get into the GSL and have access to their info sharing.


Lord Tedric has some pretty good ideas on how to feign peace while plotting another's demise (and seems to prefer this to being straight foreward, just so long as you don't shoot first - well....not counting accidents anyway). Maybe he can shed some light on how one could feign goodness to get into the GSL.

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