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I am happy to bring news that the American occupation of Italy is finally near an end. Those pushy Americans with their cute little toy tanks were disrupting the lives of too many peaceful Italians. It is a good thing that the persistant armies of Bulgaria have come to the rescue and are finally ridding the landscape of these invaders.


I guess some good has come of it all. Those Shermans make nice play structures for the children of Italy. The American survivors are providing some much needed help in the coal mines in Kozani.



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tsk, tsk, ahh, the facsist propaganda machine is in full force! :lol:

It is the american soldiers who who trying to liberate the Italian people from the Greek and Bulgarian oppressors.

AND, had it not been for the intervention of the Northern Russian, Finnish and Central Russian air forces, the US would have control of most if not all of Italy.


The Italian people are fleeing in droves from their occupied homelands, and the tales of oppression and horror they tell that have occurred by the Bulgarian Invaders are simply heinous. :cheers:


We'll be back! :P

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Peaceful Italians, the bulgarians using the italians as cover how nice... :lol:


Are they not the ones who attacked italy first, then turned his back on his own allies. To join the darkside. :ph34r:


If it had not been for the help of your russian comrades, your german equipment would not have held up so well. I mean helping them destroy your former allies, probably giving out info as to where you former allies had there troops. :taz:


So say what you want about kicking out the americans, you have not really done much fighting for it. I think you should thank your new allies for all of there pain and suffering to help you out.


I mean, just ask the poor N. russian player who has lost over a hundred divisions protecting your flank in france. Yes the americans lost, but the real italians will always love the americans for what they tried to do. :cheers:


Maybe someother game you and me can go one on one, then we will see how well you do. :ranting:


I would even take american equipment versus whatever you would want to use...


Looking forward to the day.... :cheers:


Leader of the free Europe coaliation


DezertCamel :P

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The friendly,peaceful Bulgarian way of life meshes well with the philosophies of N Russia and Finland. But make no mistake, Bulgaria does not need help from big brother when it is time for a fight. :robot:


When the Americans realized they couldn't handle things themselves, they called in some timely Algerian bombing raids. Without the Algerian help, this Italy thing would have ended much sooner. <_<


Nobody need protect the Bulgarian flank. The wicked Americans can feel free to land in Turin, Nice, or Genoa. They have a good sized navy and can land plenty of troops. It will just give the fine people of Italy more reason to cheer on their protectors. :thumbsup:



As Turkey and Persia realized, there is no stopping the spread of bulgarian influence. They saw there was no hope. The people are dancing in the streets of Ankara now. :cheers:


Long live Bulgaria and all those who share our peaceful beliefs.

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Salutti Tutti,

Nanana... NR isn't on the dark side, things are shining brighter than ever :woohoo: . Our excellent Bulgarian friend did a great job... of course, we helped as we help all our friends to kick enemies... but it was just a compensation for the Algerian intervention in Italy and also in Southern France :thumbsup:

Soso... more than 100 division... uf, that sounds dramatic :ph34r: But i succesfully tried to compensate some of these losses by wiping out some more Algerian bombers... even down in Algeria.

Ok my friends, Southern France is fully mine... lets get the next step... let's free Spain... my wonderful little nice Spain... !! :unsure:

Don Pedrolito...

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Okay Northern Russia, that does it!

You have crossed the line that must never be crossed!

I had just crawled out of my cave after many turns of licking my wounds and you did it again!

I'm telling Russ on you!

I hope you get sent to your room for the rest of the game.

And if that isn't enough, our side is going to call you names like:


"Russkie, Russkie

Face like a Husky"


So there!!!!


Algeria (Bed 7, Intensive Care Unit, Algiers Hospital)

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God... Des,

So, never any vacation for me down in wonderful great Australia??... as it would be too dangerous for me? That's sad, as i would bring you some of my good Swiss beer... i am sure, you would be out of your bed very soon :D

At all, a bit sad for me... there are not many places left on this earth for me to visit. After some others... NewZealand, because our Alinghi-team took their America's Cup, and now... Australia as my dear Des is waiting for tiny sweet little Peter to kick an ass :D


Don Pedro

Friend of Des the Australian beer-drinker

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Beware, Northern Russia, Finland, Central Russia and Bulgaria!

Algeria is on the warpath.

Awesome retribution is coming!

All I have to do is DRA, 150,000 AIR POINTS.

Or was that DRA, 200,000 AIR POINTS?

I'd better have another look at my stockpiles.

Okay, I'm going to throw rocks at you blokes, so look out!!!

You have been warned!

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O god, my dear Des :huh:

We're that sorry about your pity little losses. Hmm... just checked our scores and yes, the AIR-account rocketed up pretty nicely :thumbsup: . But see it from another point of view: You seem to be the most dangerous opponent... having so many damned Ju's... and it's as always: Poor littler people join together against big bad boys. That's just what we did to reduce some of your biggness :drunk:

Anyway... Des, good to hear from you again! Finally, i am very happy to see that you came over new-years-eve without dying off good old beer ;)

Take care

Don Pedro


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Poor Little People..... :blink:


How is it that between the four of you and the four of us. You out number, and out produce us. I mean you even control about two-thirds of the map. I might not be a rocket scientist, but that does not add up. :alien:


So I would guess that would make you the big bad bullies and us the little guys. :drunk:


I mean I have smallest country still playing... between you and central russia, each are 25-30 times my size. :thumbsup:


Oh well only 8 more turns till it ends.


When this is all said and done, I would like to exchange turns so we each could see what the other had. Should be good reading. Mine now would be a short story. :huh:


Happy hunting


DezertCamel ;)

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Hi Dezert,

Yep... that's a fine idea. Let's share some turns after the game has ended. I am eager to see, what the situation was at certain moments on your side.

Hey, take care and have a good week

DonPedro - Carnevalist (at the moment :D )

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Yeah... only few turns left.


I just saw, that we're all still on a good way to grab whats available. You did so with my Fighters at xFoix... :taz:

And i did so with those lovely Ju's at xMostaganem (thanks Des) :cheers: ... and those numerous Ju's coming over again to check my refreshed FC :ph34r:

Friends, i am sure... all our scores will be very high :beer:


Don Pedro

shopper and shopping-mall-owner

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