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Warp Nexus, or is it Nexi?

Octus Imperium

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Quick question. Of the three warp points out of my home system, two are nexi (or it is nexus?). Is this unusual in the galactic experience? Makes it more challenging to put forward bases just outside one's home system. However, may be easier to patrol.....


And when it rains it pours! No new legendary characters since turn 1, then get 3 on turn 3. If the pattern holds, 1 on 1, 3 on 3), should I expect 5 on turn 5? Just mindless speculation.


From The Octus Folks

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Nothing is really too unusual when surveying the universe as a whole. For me, I have planets and moons out the ying yang. What's a nexus? :drunk:

I have the opposite problem - Warp Nexii out the ... whatever (not sure if my people have a ying yang. :blink: I'll get my scientists on Ying Yang after Razor Wire and Pants :P ).


And as a bonus gift, some of these Warp Nexii have Class G Warp Points :angry2:


I need a beer ... and thanks to our local StarBar, I have one. :drunk:

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Glad to know that warp nexus are not unusual. And quite frankly, knowledge about anyone's ying yang is too much information, thank you very much!


And I answered my own question about multiple character generation by reading further.


Well, back to scratching our collective ying yangs while waiting for another turn...



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33% of Systems explored so far (including Home System) are a Warp Nexus. Of the other 67%, there are an average of 4 planets and 2.7 moons per System.


My Empire is also experiencing irregular generation of Legendary Characters, ranging from 0 to 3 each turn, but has gained an average of 1.3 per turn over 29 turns.


Limey O'Riley



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