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Beware of Imitations

Szorpek Rohannol

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Sheesh. Like "good digging" is anything those money-grubbers would use as a tag-line. I'm just confused as to how someone knew back on the 4th that I was contemplating reviving the Thamians!


-the Original Szorpek Rohannol

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People are just trying to have fun. I refuse to get on some maturity high horse and condemn those that engage in activites that are more than common on other game boards.


Granted, I havent engaged in any impersonations since the Valwyn disguise gimmick. Further, I'm getting tired of them as well....but if people want to have fun, thats cool with me.


I'll reiterate my opinoin on the matter:


Impersonations are fine with me as long as the signatures aren't completely copied and someone isn't trying to falsely misrepresent the original empire.


If thats what happened - the imposter needs to get a clue. Otherwise, impost away.


Overall -- EVERYONE needs to losen up.


The boards have had a strange aura this past week....


To quote a brother of mine: "It's just a game."




The Admiral

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Hehe :taz:


It will certainly be interesting to see all of the different propoganda and inside jokes that develop in this game over the next couple of years :lol:


This is a VERY interesting collection of minds so far.


Granted there is the common "nerd" factor with all games - but I think its fair to say that the SNROTE crowd is a unique and special breed (I mean that in the very best way possible) :huh:

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If the impersonations mean that there are fewer Gremloid jokes and beer references, then I'm all for them. The impersonations at least take a little effort and creativity.


Well, if I had a war going on, or some interesting trading to do, I wouldn't need to worry about the beer references. :taz:

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if I had a war going on


Newsflash: you are at war :taz: You just don't know it yet. :huh: (Thats what my advisers tell me all the time, too :cheers: )


I JUST designed my first real battleship this turn :lol: We peaceful sunflowers had other priorities (read: housing prices were insane and we had several generations living under every roof....had to spread out)

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*weak, staticky transmission*

...der attack! I repeat: The Thamso Palace is under atta...

...eem to be Thamian vessel...

...ere are my bodyguards? WHERE ARE MY BODYGUARDS!?!?!...

...achieved perimeter breach...

...ind the First Citizen, we must make him sign the sales agreem...

...No, you can't make me. I own 51% of...

*trasmission goes blank*

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