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I have found a 1/2 dozen of the useless things so decreasing the frequency would be my recommendation. They aren't of any value without some locational reference. With the likelyhood of 10's of 1000's of stars out there having specific info on a couple wouldn't have any effect one way or the other. Finding a Mk VI JSS, now that would make a big difference. :angry2:

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I had one that helped a nasty warp point in one of my central systems.


The other four or five I've received seem random.....but I'm happy to have them nonetheless.


Another thing I noticed -- they are INSTALLATION specific....


Perhaps an advancement down the line will help us knock down warp points from the comfort of our own living rooms? One could only dream...and that would be awesome <_<

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If there are many of these star chart finds that are actually in your own known space then it would seem that it isn't a completely random event. I suppose that may be good, however the few that I have found (less than a dozen) just indicate a bunch of star names that I have never heard of or seen before.

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