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Wars going on


Are you in a war at the moment (end 2003)?  

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My option would be different:


1. At war with a possible dropped player (might be live). First initial feints of combat. But I know where his homeworld is and he doesn't know where mine is.


2. In COmbat test mode with another player. We discovered this turn that the extra tonnage on a pathfinder (sensor etc..) actually help in combat. (absorbing damage)


So...IN contact with 2 players.

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I am also in contact with 2 players. Only one seems hostile (NSI). Unfortunately, I cannot tell if the player is active or dropped as there has been no repsonses to any messages. Nothing. Zip. Privacy is turned on so nothing there. Given Pete has responded that the AI for dropped positions will keep building and occasionally moving ships, all of my evidence of the player being active could be circumstancial.

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My dropped/Active has a privacy option that shows a Rolling Thunder Address. I am not sure if a dropped empire with privacy set would come back as private or default to the GSL....


On the other hand I could be fighting Russ....and kicking his heiny (OK...my undefended ship lost to his fleet but Victory is in my hands!)

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The only proof of possible player action for NSI is


1) A Cruiser jumped into Carissy space and destroyed a Pathfinder sitting there.

2) On Action 1 immediately the next turn, the NSI Light Cruiser moved to the warp point where my damage crusier was sitting.

3) After my first Pathfinder vs Cruiser engagement, the fleet on that side of Diocles built up to be 2 Crusiers and one Scout with an Explorer (to look over the Class D warp point is my guess).


All possible player actions. BUT, also within the bounds of well programmed AI action. The immediate response on action 1 is very easy to program for AI (all events in the previous turn are queued on a priority basis, a battle would be highest, and so the action chosen on round 1 is very possible).


ALL I WANT FOR X-MAS IS THE TRUTH ABOUT THE NSI (Or a mail address / phone number)!

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"I am just wondering if there are some wars going on.

Looking at the board, WKE and Mad Martin are fighting.

Anybody else?"


Funny you should ask:



Was it Sakarissa, that reknowned warmonger?


(Although no doubt a fleet of cuisinarts are on the way.)


Was is the Lords of Terror?

Silent, but waving a banner prominently featuring a skull.



It was a GSL member, SCIANT! Wasting two of my Pathfinders as a Christmas present. He, of course, claims it was a big mistake. But.......



Royal Illuminati Protectorates.

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