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<a topic other than bashing the GSL or eating Gremloids while waiting for turns, heh>


Last weekend I went to see an incredible fireworks display in Madison. I'm not normally much into waiting hours to watch some pretty sparks in the sky, but this display was simply incredible.


They called it Rhythm and Booms. The fireworks were coordinated to explode with images that matched the song.


They started off with the national anthem and following that five Strike Eagles appeared out of nowhere and went blasting past the crowd, followed by huge explosions... I'd sure hate to be on the receiving end of them...


They had the sound track theme song to Gettysburg, and the explosions rumbled like cannons. It was nearly perfect in synch.


They had a love song and fireworks that exploded into heart shapes, a tropical song and explosions of palm trees, a patriotic song and stars exploding in the sky, etc.


Some neat stuff... and something I'll definitly go to again next year. I've never seen anything like it in the midwest... do they go that crazy with fireworks displays on the coasts (such as in NY, DC or LA)?



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We do not have any fireworks this weekend, maybe because it isn't a holiday for us.

I wish every US player a happy indepence day.

Will this also mean that our results will be later, since Pete and Russ are watching the festivities?

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Well, to add to the stupid American stereotype, I did my own Jackass impression last nite. I put a bottle rocket on my head and launched it. If it wasn't for the Hiene bottle I would've lost my hair. I ended up with one hell of a good laugh with my friends and few scorched arm hairs. I wasn't even drunk. :angry:

I hope evrybody has good holiday. :cheers:

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Hope y'all had good safe fun this past weekend! Sent some thoughts your way in the blistering heat wave we're having here in Sweden!




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