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This is a little tricky - flags would need to be added to every pop group, and a new order created to let you flip the flag on or off. The ability to use Improved Construction Materials to build regular Stripmining Complexes, for instance, could be handy - but there are cases where you might issue a 999999 CON order and only want to use up remaining regular Construction Materials (and not dig into Improved, which you are saving for something else that cannot use regular Cmat). You'd need to either be very careful and not ever use a large number like 999999, or have a flag set for that pop group that disallowed the upgraded item use option.


Another issue is that every item in the game would need to be updated to show what other item could be used instead of it. That item would know what item used it, and so on. Whenever any production occurred and you were short on something, the next item in the chain would need to be checked. Short on that? Check the next link, and keep checking until no more links remained. I'm very short on code space in end_turn_adjustments - the only way to get all of this to fit would be to extract the entire production sequence from end_turn_adjustments and call it out in a new procedure.


All of this can be done, but for now I'm looking at more direct upgrades such as more detailed space combat results, improved reporting on fleet details and so forth.

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Add to that the fact that you would have to have some way to know what was used to make what in order to get the proper stuff back upon DISM of the building. What I would rather see is some sort of recycling center that would break down standard CM's into the basic parts so I can build improved ones out of them. Of course, a recycling center could alerady be in the works and just undiscovered by my less than brilliant scientists. :angry2:

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Very cool. I didn't mean to come off as whiny or anything, but I remembered hearing this bandied about.

Just trying to save myself some trouble now that I actually have improved materials. :angry2:

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It's no trouble - you just have to build both! :angry2:


Simpliying the spreadsheets - NO, it can't be happening! :ph34r:


There are a lot of things that need polishing, but this is one that really isn't that necessary and could well be left to absolute last after much cogitation and then may not be a good idea even then..... :unsure:


Chief Planner to Ur-Lord Tedric

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