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Well, what country?


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Hey, my name is Squash - or Josh, brand spanking new to the community:D Hiya. I've been reading through the rules though so apart from experience I know how to play. Of course that's the problem, I have no experience and I'm kinda afraid I'll get trounced in turn 3. Im at University so money is tight, this'll be the only game, can't play two simultaniously, so I really want to do well, or at least survive. Anyways, I missed the deadline for game 72, but that's okay, I don't mind waiting for 73, and the way I figure it I've got one of the first picks for country right? So what do you guys suggest for a first country keeping in mind I want to survive past turn 3? I was thinking about Norway, or Greece opinions?

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Greece is a difficult country.

Norway is an average country

Saudi, Persia, Spain, Morocco are good nations to start with.

Pick German tech to start the game with and concentrate on gound units and bombers and a few fighters.

Build MECH units to start and later on Panzer units.

don't spend to much on fixed defenses


build 1 LDB in every warzone province and city

build 3 SEC in every conquered city with population

connect conquered cities into AIC networks

make sure your units never run out of fuel and mun

plan ahead in all aspects (rail, supplies, arm, air, tactics)

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i would advice towards a medium size country. Spain or alike.

these countries give you some room for error but don't have the burden of extensive logistic problems like the Russia's.


On the side of tech:


- German tech has good ground and air capebilities and limited naval,


- Russian tech has good groud capabilities but limited Naval and air,


- Bittish tech has good air and naval options and early in the game acceptable ground units.


- American tech has good naval and air options and later on in the game this is the best tech, but you'll have to wait until tech 40 to develop.


Also german and russian tech give you limited choise but the best ground units, britttish tech gives more options and American gives you the most options.


Most important is to get good diplomatic relations early on in the game. Even the best players lose against a well organised alliance!


Hope this helps.... Peter.

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Hmmm, thanks for the help, those were really good points. Although I already decided on the German tech if on mainland, and British if on island, because I quite simply think planes are awesome and shouldn't be ignored in any game, although I don't have much experience in this one. Interesting points about the larger countries, I shied away from them though because they share boundaries with multiples of enemies, how do you avoid that becoming a problem?

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On countries: If you want to be (relatively) safe, pick an island, or something like Denmark. You're only direct threat is Germany, who has enough neighbours to keep him busy. Of course, that leaves only amphibious assaults. Those and the following transport of troops is quite a complex logistic operations, not to mention the cost in orders (and thus money). It might not be what you want......

For a newbie, I would suggest a small country, like Switzerland for example. You avoid the logistical problems of managing multiple AICs and having to monitor resource stockpiles in them, so you can focus completely on the fun part: war.


On tech: It doesn't really matter what tech you pick. Most countries can be played with a variety of techs, although there are some stupid combinations of course. Just pick something that appeals to you, as long as you don't take Russian tech with Iceland, you'll be okay.


The best way to survive is to have more friends than your enemy. Find friends quickly!



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Ah, now I'm getting mixed messages:S Thanks for the responce regarding getting a small country, but just before you somebody recommended a medium sized one. Apart from micromanageament, something I think I can pick up, is there really that much of a difference? And to be honest I'd prefer not to border 4 other countries like Switzerland:)

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Hey Squash,


It's easy to get mixed messages on this game. Everyone has their own opinions and points of view. This being a game which includes many different nationalities playing it helps to bring an even larger range of strategy and tactics because of the differences of where we life and how we think.


If you are looking to start in a position that will limit your bordering countries yet give you some expansion room with German Tech I'd consider Morroco, Tunsia, or possibly Egypt in the south. In the north I'd consider Norway, Sweden, or Finland.


The larger the country the more difficult it is to manage the resources. Resource management is a must in the game! Without supplies Panzers aren't worth much, just ask Rommel!! :cheers:

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Being that Victory #71 is my first game of Victory! that I have played, I can attest to the fact that resource management is the most (real life) time consuming aspect of my position.


One thing that got overlooked in all of these opinions, Squash, is that signing up early does not guarantee that you will get the country that you selected as your first choice. If you choose a country that no one else chose as their #1 pick then you will get your #1 choice. If multiple players have selected the same country as their #1 pick, the computer will randomly determine who gets it. Just so you know ... :cheers:


-SK :P

USA #71

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At the start of a game, all poeple signed in for the games are grouped together.


For all #1 choises, a random player is selected. Then for the #2 choises. Etc...


If you want a popular country, you will have to be lucky to get the country. When you give a short list of countries, you have a chance that you are not in the initial setup.


USA, Canada and GB are some of the more popular countries. Countries in central Europe tend to be less popular to play.


Hope this helps.



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Hrm, good point, guess ill make a list of about 15 or so countries. I haven't heard much said about game 73 though, so I'm just assuming not many people have actually signed onto it, although maybe im horribly horribly wrong. After all this confusion I'm kinda hoping I don't get any of my preferences and get put into a central European country, make things easier for me:S

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If they had Victory in the Pacific you could take Japan and build..


Yamato class battleships ..Zero fighters..Betty bombers..... ;) ohh my


drool.. drool ..drool... but I guess being a european based sake brewer isn't too bad.





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My first game of Victory I played Portugal for the first 20 turns or so, all I had to worry about was Spain. Somehow, I survived to the end of the game!

If you want to fight right away, Portugal, Lowlands, Denmark, any African nation, UAE or Persia would be good.

UAE would be much like Portugal, only have to worry about Saudi. Of course you can't really hurt Saudi much until you get to the West coast....

Whatever country you end up with, START MAKING FRIENDS SOMEWHERE, but make sure you have an avenue to attack. Example, you end up as Lowlands, make friends with either Germany or France and attack the other (but be wary of GB) Know your friends and enemies, any nation is viable if you have the right friends.

You might also want to check out the hall of Victory to see how many people have survived with each nation. Hint, avoid France!

Just a thought or two, but whatever you do, have fun!!! ;)

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Just to throw in my two-cents-worth.


I have played Saudi Arabia, Rumania and United States in different games.


Saudi Arabia was a choice made out of ignorance (my first Victory! game), and proved a logistical nightmare: a huge country with all the oil on the Gulf coast, all the industries on the Red Sea coast, and over 90% of the country is desert (no population and no agriculture). I won't play this country again!


In my 2nd game I chose Rumania as it seemed to have the best balance of starting resource potentials. I also found Rumania was small enough that logistics was relatively easy, while large enough that I wasn't paranoid about being overrun in one turn by a neighbor (especially as there are Mountains that will slow any invasion). I was at war very quickly, too. I would recommend a central European country if you want lots of excitement (but beware of being Hungary -- this country is easily overrun).


In my 3rd game I was the United States, and what an easy game it was: my neighbor, Canada, refused a Total Alliance, so I attacked him on game turn 3, and after a couple of game turns he gave up, so I was able to take over the entire country and its resources. Then came the problem of getting across the Atlantic -- any other course of action would have made for a boring game. European, African and Middle Eastern countries will find it easier to attack other European, African and Middle Eastern countries, so you have no worries from that direction. However, your Amphibious Assaults across the Ocean will be very complex and very risky, so are not recommended for a Newbie -- apart from that, if you want to get used to the game's mechanisms with little risk, then I heartily recommend USA or Canada! But you must get TA'd with your neighbor, or get rid of him.


I hope this helps!



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it all comes down to who you got as a neighbour...

will there be friends or enemies...


and aslong you got more friendsyoucan stay longer in a game...

just pick the country youlike and the tech then all will go well...


but for a first game I personally recommand somewhere in west Europe.. small countries.. not much MCR orders.. always your production limit due to asmall AIC.. ofcourse your game can be very short.. but you will learn a lot....


Switserland could be fun... you will have a good defence and some nice opportunities to break out.... ok you are only small.. very small... but that also means that you can strike back with all you got... besides most players do not want to make mountain divisions... so you will be relative safe.. uptill the moment you leave Swiss that is :P

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My first ever game of Victory! I played Germany. EIGHT neighbours and no worries about what tech to pick.


It was a great game!


Even if you get attacked by a few neighbours you can still have fun. Just defend untill your last city falls. Make the [bEEP] pay. That way you learn the combat system inside and out.


My advise: Just pick the country you like best. Same goes for tech. After that: Have fun and kick ass. :rolleyes:

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