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Important Diplomatic Announcement

The Boo Consulate

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After many months of debate the Consultatum has decreed that the Boo shall once more become an officially unaffiliated race. It is therefore with great sadness that the Boo Consulate formally leaves the Galatic Star League and officially recalls all of its ambassadors serving in any magisterial positions in that body.


The Boo shall maintain cordial relations with all of its formal allies. Our prior commitment to mutual defense and friendship shall be honored with any former or present GSL member with whom we are in warp contact on a bi-lateral basis. We shall continue to honor the two system rule for resolving territorial disputes.


It is the great hope of the Boo that one day we might work together with all begings of good will to create a robust and triving galactic civilization where all might live in peace and prosperity.


Boo Consulate

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Ahhh .. you are missing the point. For a Boo Politico, nothing is ever final until they are able to have "months of debate" on the topic. Why I remember the first pan-galatic meeting of GSL representatives. The Boo delegation went out for lunch and never returned. A search located them at a nearby dining establishment later that evening, where they had been debating the proper size of a tip for 13 solar hours. There are rumors the delegates are still there to this day, discussing how to properly divide the check.


Anyway, the GSL may have folded for now. But I'm sure it will rise again in many different smaller groups. At this point in the game where movement is still relatively slow, and contact among players still limited, it's hard for folks to see any advantage in big formal groups. Trading of information and R&D, yes. The rest is hard to see how it will work in this game until more player interaction starts occurring.


Now if I could just figure out the tech paths to the MK I Cargo Gate, MK I Personnel Transporter, and MK I Universal Gate, I'm sure that would get things moving.

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Dont get your hopes up. :) That Mk 1 Matter Transporter is just the very TIP and I mean TIP

of the iceberg in that field of research. Will be quite some time before we see any actual

items in that particular field of research. Good luck to those who embark on such technology. May your hard work and persistance pay off before someone with big bad warships finds you. :D

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The key here is you need a neighbor with big bad spaceships. You R&D to develop the nifty science items. They R&D to build the big weapons to blast all the nasties. A little trading and .. magic!

Hm. Are you offering?

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