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I'm glad you posted this. I suspected as much...it makes sense that if a tech advance should change your race in some way, that should change your lifeform modifier as well. This is good news, because it apeears (as Pete and Russ have alluded to), that we can improve upon our race (even genetically) in time. Very interesting...

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A good mechanism of the game maybe, but how come 6 of my modifiers go down, two stays same and one goes up ? :angry:


Maybe it means I m not researching in correct direction ?

I get increase at CCM but I m researching many kinds of techs..


I want my high modifiers back :cheers:

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Are you saying that your skimpy bars (on the cover page) have changed? This sounds weird and should only happen if you have indeed done some genetic engineering and bought better race package or bought off some disads otherwise it shouldn't be changing on you unless there has been a bug somewhere...*nervous smile* better recheck my own bars...



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I received my turn. and my lifeform modifiers came back to their original state. :angry:

Looks it was some kind of small alien (called bug) and being wiped out to dust...


We will see in near future what are the effects of genetic engineering ? :(

I think all modifiers have ratio to each other so as DWillard mentioned.

So by math, if the highest of the modifier is increased than others maybe shown shrinked graphically though they dont decrease in real value.. :beer:

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