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Would you like to be able to do more turns per month?  

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Maybe it's just me being addicted or becoming accustomed to hearing Victory players saying the snail pace is killing them or the fact that many good players drop excellent positions because nothing seems to be happening to their positions but I think a livening up of things could happen perhaps by changing the turn pace.


Me personally couldn't survive a turn every week and I think Pete and Russ would go from little personal life to negative personal life with such a turn rate as so much is hand checked still but perhaps a third turn every month or a production turn which would be slightly cheaper and only entail research, material production and promotions if possible within the game or if not also the standing orders.


As usual only my two Zlottiis :)





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I guess if you have no social life and no friends and no need to work overtime at the office and no family, then you could do a turn a week. But, this game is so data intensive I would find that near impossible.


What would RTG have to do to make this game something I could handle on a once per week turn basis?


1) Results of all GEO, CSV, ORB, PMAP orders would have to be stored in the turn results database and accessible through some tool. I copy all of this information into an excel sheet for reference. But since everything on the GEO and PMaps and CSV's do not occur in the same place an sequence in the turn results, I have to cut and paste and than adjust the data.


2) Results of all explores (special found, item or tech found, etc...) would have to be stored in the turn results database and accessible through some tool.


3) All encounters with other player ships with results would have to be stored in the turn results database and accessible through some tool. Believe me, once you've run into another player at four different stars and are in a war, you want to try and track and place all of the enemies ship movements. You want to know what you've destroyed so you can estimate strength. You WANT to know this, and not have to dig through old turns.


4) Cargo stored on all ships and colonies again in some database with a tool for review. Again I am using excel sheets to track the position of all my ships, the cargo they are carrying, to which world they are traveling, and planning the next priority planet to visit. I do a lot of XEXPL's, and find lots of potentially useful items and materials .. all which need to be shuffled to the homeworld. The LC All and OC All helps. But (see the thread by someone else), the LC/OC All's are not perfect and need some work. They do things alphabetically ... so often I do not use them as there are some things I want to be sure to have moved (like moving the Type A Plasma Torpedo instead of tons of Lumber, Raw Resources, and Advanced weapons).


That's some of the key changes. I do a lot more with my excel sheets. All to visually represent the universe (stars, warp points explored and unexplored, nexus versys planetary stars, location of ships and location of characters). Overall, it takes me about 3-4 hours to cut, paste, and adjust all the PDF data into excel sheets for each empire. After that it takes about 1 hour to do the turn (unless I'm redoing the build queue -- add 2-4 hours on those rare occasions).

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If the data printed in the turn result was repeated in the .mdb each turn in table form, you would see player created tools quickly appear to do all of those things you ask for and more. Extracting that information from the turn results is the problem, especially when the format of the turn results changes due to improvements / additions to the game.

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Ah the poll speaks clearly :alien: It would seem most people can't do more turns, either from playing many empires or because of the sheer amount of data extraction that needs to be done turn wise.





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With practice, I've managed to streamline the data extraction process pretty efficiently.


Most of the work I do now involves updating spreadsheets and ship designs to account for new technologies and materials. Reorganizing convoys is also starting to take place.


I voted for 9 days. :beer:


It would be nice to speed the game up a little.


At first i would have proposed something like once a week but we all pay a monthly flat fee per empire (like $30-$35.00 a month or in that ballpark...that would pay for FOUR turns with unlimited turn sheets)


But realistically, I don't think that the players or RTG are in a position to speed the game up any faster than it is currently going.


My sense is that there are more people coming in than leaving.....can't tell for sure....but with more people - especially new people who might have lots of questions - it makes sense that it would take more than 7 days to process turns (and we haven't even considered their Victory! workload in all of this :) )

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