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Unexpected Warp Event


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I just got the following result when warping for the first time through a warppoint I'd just surveyed in the previous turn:


"Your ship encounters unusual conditions as the wormhole it is traveling in becomes unstable for a few seconds. Its warp

bubble very nearly contacts the interior of the warp tunnel, but some deft maneuvering avoids this disaster and the vessel

makes it through safely. It's a harrowing experience to say the least, leaving the crew shaken but alive. However, they

doesn't show up where they expected to arrive.... Morale plummets when they figure they might never see home again, but the

crew has gained some valuable experience."


As it says in the message, my ship is now in a system different from where I expected it to be. Its now at a black hole with no planets but 8 exit warppoints.


Has anyone else seen this happen? Is this just a random event? Is it likely to happen again if I try the same warppoint?



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I've been thinking about it a bit more, because I too worried that this might mean loss of a valuable fleet.


But was it coincidence that the ship this happened to is in fact my most capable exploration vessel. It has:


a level 5 explorer in command

mk III jump survey sensors

transwarp capability

it can refuel itself


So of all my ships, this is the most likely to find a path home. Many others would have had to be abandoned.



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I have numerous ships going around the universe with 2 or 3 Mk III JSS, fuel shuttles, and various explorers (4 have reached level 6, the rank of Ranger). The only thing lacking on most is a Transwarp drive. And I have had no such interesting travels. Way to go!


My thought is the chance of this happening may be higher with transwarp? You try to clean / purge the engines using the advanced fuel so you do not lose the action points. So it would make sense to build in a chance for the transwarp to cause a "dislocation" as it was not cleaned properly.


Was this the second jump in a multiple jump?

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Could you kindly detail what the fleet ships design is in regards to the ships components and etc. You might want to send another small fleet through that same WP and see what happens as well.


It is these strange situations that we discover that make for a more interesting game and etc...


The real question now is where are you and how far away from your HW. :unsure:

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Answers to various questions


System the ship was leaving was a nexus (no planets no special messages)


Ship design is


..... a 249,999 ton Heavy Auxiliary .....

1 Nuclear Transwarp Drive,

500 Mk II Fusion Engine,

1 Mk III Jump Survey Sensor,

100 Light Stun Beam,

400 Light Tractor Beam,

80 Blaster CIDS,

400 Mk II Force Shield,

20 Type A Defense Screen,

1 Mk I Computer System,

10 Mk I Medium Range Sensor,

13,000 Reflective Armor Coating,

12,299 Titanium Composite Armor,

20 Fuel Shuttle,

20,000 Fuel Tankage

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