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Updated Wish List


I tried to list all wishes which are possible, useful and within main mechanism of the game… Though I might passed a good wish, if so please say and I add...

Rest is up to RTG… They may comment like <cool,working on>, <possible soon>, <in near future>,<no need>, <very difficult>, <not possible> etc…

I will try to edit and keep the list clean according to new postings…



1. Some decrease at research duration

2. Reaching long distance warp technology earlier (either several jumps in a turn or creating a new temporary or permanent warp point)

3. An order to give us an estimated time of completion {not exact time, like +/- 2 turn/RC} about a research item; or maybe a formula to calculate approximate research cost {maybe no need for this, I am not sure}



1. Detailed info on installations

2. CON order with multiple installations

3. Showing prerequisites at INST order



1. Detailed info and extensive usage / power to characters (sabotage installations, assassinations; religious converts and uprisings; diplomatic controls)

2. Naming multiple characters within one order

3. Indicating the presence of legendary characters on fleet, army, colony reports



1. More/official info at battle and repair system

2. Displaying number of ships currently in service and numbers under production at ship design report

3. Option to share/split or transfer all possible cargo at within a RN order

4. Simplification of FORM order

5. Naming fleets

6. Transferring cargo between fleets

7. TAC for fleets {we know power of weapons and defenses but don’t know total combat ability}

8. SEND TO order (auto sending a fleet to a location of another fleet, to a system, to a warp point or to an orbit)

9. ESCORT/ FOLLOW <fleet#> order {there is already RN and NEWF/RN again, or CNVR/CONV?}

10. Combining the fleet report and the fleet cargo report {reported difficult to code}

11. More detail and explanation on formations and battle plans

12. Expand the NEWF order to allow multiple fleets to be created simultaneously and sequentially

13. Allowing RN in a NEWF order

14. Option to assign ships to separate fleets while issuing the SHIP order

15. Option to assign ships to fleets which are not in orbit (so that ships go automatically and join that fleet)

16. OC order with option to exclude fuel

17. Displaying each fleet's standing order in fleet report



1. Multiple records within one EB / BI order for a pop.center { would be cool feature for order saving but don’t think be accepted by moderators.. wishing anyway ..}

2. Naming pop. Centers

3. Indicating total/unemployed and reproduction/attrition rate of pop at colony reports

4. COLB order with option to OC

5. TAC for colonists {I would like to know what kind of techs. and what rate affect the colonization so that I should decide to continue researching in that way or another}

6. Displaying supplied/used power at colony reports

7. Power consumption broken down by INST type at colony reports

8. Easy to read production report (like separations between pop.centers productions)

9. Used number of industries at production report



1. Sightings and Exploration Report Sections

2. Reporting total pop. with PMAP or ORB

3. Allowing PMAP usage in a CNVR

4. Combining, CSV/GEO and PMAP/ORB orders {I myself agree with PMAP/ORB but not the CSV/GEO. Exploration should not be so quick}

5. Special Fleet broadcast message/text to auto hail encounters {in addition to general empire description/banner etc}



1. Orders to delete/edit standing orders

2. Calling one or more CONV orders (CONV 99 <another route> or CONV 99 <none>) in a CNVR record (like Procedure, Subprocedure in programming)


Edited by: Aquilonia at: 6/28/03 2:44 am

Written By Aquilonia

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I thought this was a good thread to bring over. I hope it is recieved well. Of course credit to the copy\paste I did goes to Aquilonia. I did his for it seemed to have included all the input and would be a shame if it was lost after all the work he put into it.


Anyone have any more wishes they wish to add?

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