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Yet another question!


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Hi All,


if I research Improved Steel- can I use this to construct those items requiring just 'steel', i.e. cargo bays, etc.


Also, I've been dredging the boards, and it says that you can issue 40 orders for your $. Is this true, or is it 30 orders as mentioned in the manual?

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No. Improved steel is only good for that stuff requiring improved steel. You will still need steel to build cargo bays, berthings etc..


40 orders is the limit per turn these days. The number was increased on the 1 year anniversary of the game. If you have been sending in 30 contact RTG and see if they will make an adjustment for you.

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If I recall, when I first got my setup I was somewhat overwhelmed and didn't have enough time to figure out the whole production thing. So I did only a single tooled BI order for a bazillion Iron. It worked out quite well over the long run, and that order is still down at the bottom of the production queue.



I am going to go one further and put myself in the stocks for being a smart-arse..... :ph34r:


I feel pretty confident about the entire production system - and this is STILL an excellent idea.


If you are ever rushed for a turn, or want to take more time over rejigging a production queue, then putting in a single order to build Iron will NEVER be wasted.... :ph34r:


Chief Planner to Ur-Lord Tedric

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Send me over 17.5 Million CM to take care of my unemplyed population tongue.gif cheers.gif


I'll ship you all the beer you want after that tongue.gif


(You have to add close to 600k CM per turn that you think it will take for you to get here, to accomodate my growing population tongue.gif)


What do you plants want with buildings? I would think that you all would be happy just laying about in fields soaking up sunshine. :lol: I know my people do. I am always having to get them back to work. :beer:

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