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Images of Races?

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Am more a bi-ped Cat. On the large size (10+feet) but very agile and have SHARP claws :)


Love the cold (home is a methane frozen land..go figure)


and nothing makes us feel better then a nice hunk of fresh meat....mmmm meat.



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I am still looking for that Inuit picture :taz:


On my HW, Nitrogen freezes in the winter and boils in the summer I am on a Methane frozen world too but I guess the laws of Physics dont apply. Methane freezes at 90 K. My HW mean temp is 64 K. Of course I have Semi Liquid oceans of Hydrogen but Hydrogen boils at 21 K. I guess that ocean is really cold :)

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I'd say the Avatar I was given pretty closely comes close to the Concordium (racial description below from set-up).


"The Concordiates are one of the less intimidating species in the galaxy. Smaller than average in size, they appear at first glance to look like cats walking upright but having lost all of their fur. Unlike cats, though, no fangs are visible and the upper paws look like fat fingered hands. The most striking feature are their eyes--the large, glowing orbs seem to almost pulse with a hint of the power behind



Interesting.... Three huminoid, Three Cats so far (of course getting one cat in a count for Gosht Kohr is understating the count).


Note -- Since I'm smaller than average, the Concordium would be about the size of one of the forepaw nails in the Gosht Kohr picture. Yikes!

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We have been inspired to update our avatar. This image is representative of the Benthii. The Benthii are super intelligent amphibious cephalopods of average size possessing ten tenticles. The Benthii breath O2 and swim in H2O.


This picture of my lovely spawn mate was taken shortly after my election to the Office of President of the Collectivity :lol:


Senator Logion

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Well lets see My Guys are probably about 1/2 the hight of the Great Cats but nowhere near as good looking (Hideous features), Defensive Spikes and Heavy Plate, most of my points went into regeneration. I am personally a lousy artist so I will not attemtp to draw my race but my Avitar is a fairly good approximation (If you add a Skull Crest). I have been hoping to run into the Gosht Kohr so that we could test ourselves against the Greatest of Cats and see if Regeneration can counter their massive size. It ought to be fun

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That -would- be a sight, wouldn't it? Your armies and those of the Gosht Kohr, facing each other on some great plane, ala 'Braveheart.' Perhaps with some poor third army of humans right in the middle... with something we both want? :taz:


Regenerative, hmm? Eat all we want, you'll make more? :)


I'm more concerned however about how my people would fare in space combat. Combat simulations a friend is doing with someone -he's- met suggests that those species modifiers -Really Matter- when technology is similar.


I'm beginning to hope that one of the first races I run into is one of those space-combat juggernauts ( you know the type, all floating brain, sensory organs and tentacles ) who need someone to provide land-muscle for 'missions.'


The Gosht Kohr are good old oxygen/water critters. He may be able to broaden their temperature range on down the line.


Anyway, it appears that people have given good thought to 'who' they are in the game. Coolness! :thumbsup:

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Well, I keep having trouble with using the pic. that I want for my avatar in addition to simply pasting a copy of it here.

If any of you are familiar with Warhammer 40k, just imagine an entire race of space marines. My people are descended from genetically augmented humans who were stranded in a remote system when the last galactic civilization fell apart.

We may not be very tall, or reptillian, but we are faster, stronger, and harder to kill than your typical human. :)



Lord Uriel

New Sparta

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Lord Uriel-


I would be glad to assist you with your avatar, if you wish. After getting your avatar down to a reasonable size, you'll need to upload the file to a host where it can reside, and have a URL address.


Then you'll need to follow the steps for making it your avatar here.


The process is similar for posting pictures. Once you have a picture you want to share up on the web somewhere, you can paste the address into the field you get when you click on the IMG button when you create posts here.


Keep said images small, so folks with slower connections can view them painlessly.

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It would indeed be quite the sight. I am hoping for something similar for, as like you I suspect, we put all our inital thoughts to Personal development and not Tech development. (that is I spent all my set-up points and had nothing left for tech). I to am looking for one of those floaing brain types to team up with for the same reasons (that and I never cared for the taste of Brains). :lol: Oh and we may end up in conflict as I too am a Oxy-H20 type but the advantage of regeneration is good colinzation skills.

May your battles be glorious and your victories sweet

(Unless you are facing me of couse)



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Inuit? Cool


That reminds me of some great lyrics from Frank Black (one of his solo albums - post Pixies)





It isn't so great

Since you learned karate chop

You're walking machs

And I'm just swimming in the slop

You wave your wand at me

And make me dance flip-flop

I want to sing for you

And make your head go pop


The Inuit man

Had not so much a Caesar

He had provision



You're spraying in the windy

And I'm just pissing off

I'm literally deaf down here

From your canned philosoph

Softly can you hear me

Through the sucking of your quaff

I'm Thalassocracy

And you're just Romanov



**A thalassocracy, interestingly enough in the SNROTE context, is a state that uses its navy to project its power and to unite various possessions that are separated by water



Quite a picture there, Sha'thar :rolleyes:


My actual icon is the closest I can come up with -- an underwater plant race.

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