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I would like to know what my naval designers do ?

Anybody ideas ? Are they just add fun to game or any use ? like only refusining unknown tech ?


Two times I made mistake designing ships and they approved anyway...

Once I wrote Mk II Jump Drive and Mk I Jump Drive too (instead of Mk I Engine) ...

and another time I wrote Fuel instead of Fuel Tanks :angry:

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Basically I think they're "Connected"...powerful Guild Contacts throughout the universe known as the Cosmo Nostra have led to these beings sitting on NUD boards everywhere, rolling dice and stamping approved on everything that comes their way. I've designed some pretty funky but non functional spaceships due to the NUD having no internal checker whatsoever B)



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Hmmm .. well, my NUD allowed me to design ship with Jump Engines but no Fuel Tanks ( :blink: ). It also allowed a follow-up design with no Nuclear Engines (since it can jump it was a ship (lower defense than a platform), but with no engines it was like a platform (so would have to be towed around unlike a ship) .. sort of the worst of both worlds :( ).


So I guess they'll accept anything (especially with the kickbacks being offered by the various guilds if the design is approved!).

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