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dont make any mistakes!!! :drunk: Nah thats a jest...


First and formost dont scrap your pathfinders!! :alien2:

second conduct CSV GEO's and PMAP's of every orbit in your Homesystem

It might be a great idea to set up your prodcution in build mass quantities

of colonial berthing units. Even if your not that great a colonizer its still a good



You wont have to worry about defense for a while as your position is most likely

2 years actual game time from any of the players that started that long ago.


Concentrate on getting your industrial infrastructure at its most efficient.

The less you have to rely on your stripmines for raw materials to convert the

better. Until the better stripmines come along that is. ;)


Welcome to the Galaxy and Good Luck!!!

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I echo everything that has been said. Getting a good speadsheet for productions is very important. Beg, borrow, steal or download something. Mine is adequate for my purposes and I am too far into it (24 cycles) to want to make needed changes. But others here probably have premo sheets they may be willing to share.


I would also suggest getting to JSS IV quickly. They have really helped my exploration activites. And I would also suggest Improved stripmines as an early target. My current bottleneck is raw materials. (Soon to be a problem of the past!)


And don't forget Fusion Drives. And drones. And fighters. And....you get the picture.


Welcome and I hope you make fewer mistakes than I have (very likely!).


Octus Imperium



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My first sggestion is to carefully evaluate your starting position and see if it is a keeper or if you should try again. Not every position is created equal and depending on what you want to do it makes all the difference.


If you would would like specific examples feel free to drop me a line and I will share my insights. :alien2:


Welcome to SN. :drunk:

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You can handle your first turn production with a single tooled BI 99999999 Iron till you get the hang of the game. Put starting SRPs toward Jump Survey Sensors or Engines or Psych/IndySci. Get Imp. Fuel on your research list somewhere.


And start exploring as fast as possible. Although some people haven't made contact in two years, others have made it with hostile neighbors within 20 turns. It's a roll of the dice. Do you feel lucky punk?

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First and formost ask a lot of questions, there are a lot of people n the boards that are willing to show off err help out :drunk: by shareing what they have learned :lol: . The folks here on the boards are a great resource for a starting player. Oh and have some fun. this game can be a lot of fun. There are a couple of tech trading groups that may offer some support for the tech tree, it is complx and, s far as I can tell no tech is wasted.

May we meet in space on friendly term

May your Empire last a long time

and may your battles be glorious (as long as they are against someone else) :alien2:


Oh and be wary of anyone from WHAPO (unles, of course, you are a pirate)


Good Luck

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Welcome to the game and have great fun! I clearly reccomend Hobknobs spreadsheet for it's ease of use as well as his willingness to help out with any questions regarding it.


I assume you surfed around the rollingthunder site and downloaded the various docs such as the ANZ/INST doc which covers basic techs? One thing to remember with this game is to plan in the loooong range :alien2: Read through the forums and you'll probably see answers to most questions and if there is anything puzzling you or that you wish deeper knowledge of gamewise you are free to drop me a line and I'll do my best to help you out.


Enjoy the game



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