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Hello, i have studied the manual and lots of side information.

I want to participate in SN:ROTE, and i have to build a race. (wow... i found that all by myself :alien2:

But then there are many advantages and disadvantages. (as you all noticed.) one thing seemed a little odd to me:

there is the possibility to become a very tiny race. there are obvious reasons to be huge, as it is handy in ground combat.

What are the major drawbacks if you play a tiny race?

And if i decide to play a tiny race with almost no reproduction (wich saves a lot of points to get some other nice things) does that mean i have to wait for a long time before i can colonise?

i'm affraid that if i play a tiny, almost no reproducing race it's gonna be tiny as a empire and no growth at all.

Are there ways to raise the level of reproduction in the future? or am i spoiling the fun by not finding out myself?


Don't get me wrong: if this is doing it the hard way then i'm ok with that. if it takes a long time, no problem. if it is possible. i'll get to it. if it is impossible by game mechanics.. then i have tried to get as much informationas possible.


Are there other players who play a tiny race?


Thanks for reading and maybe answering. See you in the game ASAP.

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Fist off, let me welcome you to the game!


Secondly, I would not reccommend any player taking anything but the highest level of reproduction wether Coloniser or not as you will find that you need population at all levels of the game especially when you have started finding worlds that are of interest for your race. Population is also used for building your troops and once you want to build 5-10 divisions a turn that will also make its mark if you have low birthrate. I'm a turn 0 race and two years into the game I have my HW producing around 1100 new pop every turn thanks to technology and I find myself still wanting more and more as they are quickly used up in sendings to various colonies and the building of new installations.


While Tiny has its point benefits it is also a HUGE disadvantage once you come to ground combat so think that well through. Many "Brain-in-Jar" Empires have chosen the Tiny, Weak, Clumsy set of stats to get many points for high RBs but their CB takes hit as well as their ground combat. But if you like this style of play and find a neighbour who can act garrison for you then all is well and proper but consider it well.


Through Species Engineering you can buy off your disads and raise your reproduction later but it is an expensive path to go down. Write me if you have any queries or want to know more.




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Locklyn, first of all: thanks for the welcome and the comment.


I now have some idea where i am heading at. I only have references to the Orion system i played a long (very long) time ago in. But a lot has changed since 10 years.


I have now over 40 sheets with different 'races' and they seem all fun to be played. So it's gonna be a tough decision.



Paul "Arpat" Fijma

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Stick with the design that seems fun to play, if you find a racial design that you really like, I'd be as bold as to say that do several setups with the same design and take the one with what seems to be the best system for you. It all comes down to how much you like your race. My GGT were awfully ineffeciently created from a power gaming point of view but were built on the info we had at that point. I kept them because I liked them as a idea and race and in hope that one day the mental powers they possess would actually come to resemble what the rules speak of.


As always, you'll find it an overall friendly bunch in here when it comes to answering questions.




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For a "normal" non-specialized balanced race I would offer the following:


1) Medium or high reproduction

2) Sensory or Intelligence bonuses as they add to both research and combat

3) Leave 200-500 points available for tech purchases.


I would not "specialize" in either research or ground combat unless you are starting with a group of people in the same area, or you feel lucky that the first person you bump into won't decide to eat your empire. :D

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:D I already feel at home here :cheers:

After reading some here on the forum i have boldly choosen a tiny tree a race to play. I had to do just some minor modification, but they are alive! (ehm... when i have an accountnumber and setup that is... i have send in the lifeform2 excel sheet to get things started. the website isn't very clear about "how to get started" but hehehe... i'm a patient player, but impatient to get started :D)


tiny is somewhat euhrmmm small yes. but then i have choosen to be reproductive. some sort of 'tribble', but then with some defenses.


So... like all tribble's: if there is light i can live there.


Soon i hope to be inside the game and well... meet other spacefaring races and build a large and nice empire. (i love to build :D) so.... now i'm gonna wait and plan my next steps. Suggestions always welcome.

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Hello all and thank you all for the warm welcome!

I know it takes long times to meet in the game. That's why i like it. it gives me time to grow and to make plans.

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Thanks for the hint on the amount of orders. Probably i won't need tht many at first, but i wont stop at 40 if i need more. With a great empire comes a price...

I'm more concerned about the time i'll need for the game. I also play a free game based on the game Avalon, and that consumes some time. but this game i know can consume lots of time :)


I used almost three days to design a lifeform. And what do i get up with?

a walking bonzaii tree. :cheers: Hmmm i'm particularly fond of this icon. looks a little bit like me!

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Welcome, Arpat-- you mentioned playing Orion a long time ago. HeHe- if I get an urge to actually see the cinematic view of shooting a steller converter at something, I still play Master of Orion II about twice a week. :ph34r:

I also have a tiny race, high repro, and very high AP. I am finding some very good stuff. :cheers:


Good Luck, :blink:



P.S. I hope you don't run into any vegas(plant eaters) :)

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uhm uhm uhm... vegas? brrrr. i'm a tree, not a plant. but then, they don't know the difference. :) they just eat me...


I am thinking about minor modifications but i don't know what to drop.

i have chemical exchanger, wich i could lower to advanced respiratory, lower also reproduction to excellent and use these points for SRP.


as it seems i would benefit greatly from saving some points... so... i'm thinking and thinking. It's difficult... how much benefit would i loose from chemical exchange? how much would i miss if i would lower the reproduction rate?


Maybe i'll take the setback from the SRP... but first i'm gonna :cheers: or get :blink: and think it over....

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