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Eyre Demands Galactic Senate Enquiry


The Grand Inquisitor


The Leader of the Eyre, an empire of known Piratical leanings, accused of many many many misdeeds by many many many empires, is asking for a enquiry by the fledgling Galactic Senate? What is on the Eyre's mind, if anything? What is on the Galactic Senate's minds, if anything? That is what we here at the Galactic Enquirer intend to find out!


It appears at first that the Galactic Senate (GS) was completely uninterested in opening the enquiry, as the request was ignored for 12 days, until that known rabble rouser, trouble maker, and otherwise pain in the rear, Gill Bates of the Macrohard empire, in a typically sarcastic thread, asked if all the GS had quit playing, by way of asking about the enquiry. With this shaky start to the enquiry, this reporter wonders if either side is serious, or is either side going to live up to their professed ideals? The GS has a long ways to go in this area. The Eyre are certainly living up to their professed ideals, IE none. Anyway the enquiry is opened with the following statement.





Posted: Sep 9 2004, 11:27 PM



Pursuant to GS BILL 072604-4-01, an investigation committee shall be assigned to investigate an alleged incident of piracy.


However, it is imperative that we have the identity and Empire ID numbers of the two empires involved before we proceed.


I am only bringing this procedure up as an initial member of the investigation committee as designated via Bylaw pursuant to a request by "MadMartinB"


The panel shall consist of:


1) Admiral Helianthos Eternus IV of the Everlasting Spawn, 1728

2) Clan Eldress Sha'thar of The Gosht Kohr, 2296

3) Honored One Daz of the Zendo Mar Hierarchy, 500


In the event a Senator chooses to abstain from service, and refuses to appoint a replacement, we will go down the enrollment list until we can sit a full panel.


Please be advised: this will be the first of three investigation committees that are under review via GS BILL 072704-5-01. We shall try our best! and only ask that the parties seeking the protections of the Galactic Senate, respect the process and be patient with our deliberations.





A start, however, “I am only bringing this …”, does not sound like the GS leader is very excited about the enquiry, further indicating a reluctance to perform the enquiry. Only time will tell if this reluctance is partisan politics, as the accused is a GS member, or just a lackadaisical attitude to the by laws of the GS.


We also have a question as to the placement of the Honored One Daz on the panel, especially in light of the quote listed below.




Honored One Daz

Posted: Aug 30 2004, 07:35 AM

Quote Post




The Erye will get whats coming to them Im sure. Hopefully they will die





This certainly indicates the Senator has a bias, in regards to the Eyre!



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Nice to see that the "press" is unbiased....not.

In many empires, the 'press' is nothing more than a propaganda machine, and has nothing to do with the truth or being unbiased. Even here in the US the supposedly 'free press' has 60 minutes submitting fraudulent documents as if they were true. Political agenda? you decide. B)

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