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Building ships


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Hi all,


Just writing to be sure that I understand the mechanism of shipbuilding.


From the rulebook:


"Starships must be paid for when they are placed into the Shipyard queue, not when they are actually completed. The Items that make up the appropriate ship

design must therefore be available in the Population Group at the time when the Build Ship order is issued."


What I gather is that building a ship is actually a two turn process. The first turn is the issuance of a NUD, which enters the ship type into the database. The same turn, I'd need to issue BI orders and construct all the subcomponents that would be required for that ship. Then, on the turn thereafter, I can issue a build ship order (BS???).


If true, then I now comprehend why advice was given to pre build standardized ship components that won't be obsolete (such as cargo holds, troop berths, etc).


So, is what I said true above? What are other items that are good to stock up on (ship component wise)? Obviously things like computer systems, engines, sensors, shields, armor and such are bad things to prebuild, as new tech discoveries will obsolete them.



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Hi Pro


You got things absolutely right. It's pretty simple really. Design your ship, build the necessary components and then construct the ship the following turn. You may want to have some of the components (those listed by Shadow) tooled so you are building them every round.



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As a side note, it IS possible to NUD and SHIP on the same turn, as long as it's done in that order and all the components are already available.

Make sure you don't typo the ship name, though, since it won't be in the dropdown list.

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Keep that rum coming. Every time I settle down to sort out my next turn I get one beaut of a headache.


Why don't you all surrender to me now so we can get on with our lives? :rolleyes:

OK that sounds fine.




However, our custom of formal surrender involves both parties standing naked (except for the ceremonial hat with tassles) for 1/4 of a rotation of our planet. Now this isn't a problem for us, we're used to the 70K temperature, how about you?


Of course you could just us some rum?

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