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We have contacted the following Empire in the Jae system


ROA Realm of Atlantis # 2282 'A Sunken City Populated By Sentient Crabs'



A message has been sent to this empire thru the game system, the selection of messages is SMALL, so the message is terse and hostile sounding. The Flock posts this message in hopes the above listed Empire is listening. We are not hostile, but claim the jae system, Please advance no further, and remove your ships from the Jae system so we may talk further. Post all replies here on the RTG board.








The Flock

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The Flock has attempted to contact the Realm of Atlantis # 2282 [A Sunken City Populated By Sentient Crabs] In the above messages, as well as sending an in game message to advance no further.


When the Realm of Atlantis # 2282 [A Sunken City Populated By Sentient Crabs] fleets got within one of THE FLOCK HW, we destroyed the fleet.


This turn a House Faringian # 4513 [A Flashing Red Light] fleet shows up in the JAE system, and the Crabs show up at our HW.


We now recieve this message>



lesson on attacking your neighbors..., Dec 4 2004, 07:36 AM

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You shouldn't have been so hostile to your neighbors.....





House Faringian

"A Flashing Red Light"


The FLOCK will defend our borders, IF this is hostile, then The Flock will accept the results.


Obivously the Crabs or the Crab ally, saw this thread and did not reply and Kept scouting closer to the Flock HW, or they would not of been able to send us the message


IF you wish to avoid further conflict, one or both empires should contact the Flock openly here.

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For months the Flock HW was under attack! Probes of the HW defenses! Destruction of the Warp point pickets. Survey ships destroyed. Fuel ships at the gas giants blown up.

Two Empires united against, one.

There was panic in the streets, religious service attendance went through the roof. Miss Flock former Diplomat for alien contact and her royal court of princeses, volunteer to join the milita. The HW rallies, behind her, as she is constantly in the news, here she is seen practicing Unwinged Combat.


At the colony in the Home system, 100 percent participation turned all the colonists into troops.


Then the Good news came, the 5 million plus ton fleet, of the hated Crabs, and Red lights. had been conpletely destroyed by the Flocks new survey ship, the Hawk III. Several unmaned drone ships were lost totaling 29,000 tons.


Emporer A'hawk has declared a planet wide holiday, AD day, ALien destruction day. It is to be celebrated, by target practice on flashing red lights, while eating a crab dinner.



The Flock

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<_< Not a bad deal, 29,000 to bash 5Mil. A job well done. Sounds like your Flock told them to keep their Flock the hell out of your area. :oops:

Lets see--- flashing red lights---supposidly Galaxy Police? Obviously they were not carrying a very big stick. :ninja:

I think they got a lesson on not attacking their neighbor, with their little guy + enforcer routine.

All Klingons salute you, Bloodwine for all!


Kahless <_<

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