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New Years Resolutions


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The Lostworlds new years resolution is to...


1. Double my offworld mining from 7,500,000 to 15,000,000 by next year. :taz:


2. Triple my surveyed warpoint list. :pirate2:


3. Increase my production on my homeworld by 30 percent.


4. I want to have at least 40 more techs next year. :holiday:


5. Only do 40 orders a turn. :drunk:


6. Build a ship larger than my 7,900,000 ton ship. :cheers:


7. Have more fun playing the game. :thumbsup:


Richard Johns


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1) Upgrade the AP on my 19.5 million ton Colony Ship to 8


2) Mass produce ICMs


3) Finish the construction of two major Trading Depots with my neighbors


4) Upgrade Orbital Installations at various warp points


5) Make a breakthrough in teleportation technologies


6) Crank out a few more million little sunflowers :holiday:


7) Have more fun with the game :pirate2:

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I don't make new year's resolutions. If I can't do it by my own will, a random day in the year won't make any difference. :holiday:


p.s. you'll enjoy those Mk III Antimatter Engines and Mk I Cloaking, they're awesome!!

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1. find an empire.

2. force them to surcum (i cant spell... but thats ok i'm an engineer) to my will

3. colonize every body in my homesystem

4. design the ultimate fleet... *Evil plans*

5. species engineering baby

6. use my mental powers to good use in the wmd department

7. go all the way down the lightning generator path... ( :cheers: i'm not lying not at all)

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