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Wouldn't it be great if we had a massive trade network with busy intergalactic ports?


Most of us have the engines to traverse long distances and the map layout seems perfect for a 3-4 empire trading hub sprinkled throughout...which could then hook up between those hubs...and so on....


It seems to me the largest hurdle to a concept like this is system data.


Now - it makes total sense that people would be protective of their system information.


But - in the unlikely event that we would all be willing to share system information - this game would really really pick up.


I wouldn't be opposed to sharing system information outside a 3-system radius from my homeworld - and without mentioning my homeworld location. I've mapped out in every direction at every warp point (radius 5) and I can see room for opening up trade lanes without jeopordizing my interior colonies....besides...I have one helluva picket network set up in case people get too close.


Lets face it -- even if you know the way to somebody's home system, it takes some effort to wipe them out. And - it would be foolish to be in a position to open up your systems without protecting your core systems and trade routes anyway.... :thumbsup:


I know we tried something like this in the Galactic Senate and the Boo were really the only ones who put any effort into announcing systems.


Every once in a while, I wish the map were truly open....we knew the systems and the paths. Sure it would invite mayhem....but it would make mapping easier, robust diplomacy and a much easier opportunity for trade.


Is this still a crazy idea? Of course it is :cheers: Am I naive to presume people wouldn't target these trading zones? Nah.


Just thought i'd throw the conversation out there.


I'm actually starting to sense a legitimate need for trade routes between empires (especially for core races) Its getting ridiculous on the SRP front when:

1) you dont HAVE any SRPs left;

2) the stuff you really want doesn't take SRPs anyway :);

3) your neighbor has what you need ; and

4) you have what your neighbor needs :cheers:


curious if people are having success with their trade routes (I'm finally on the verge of having a meaningful 3-empire network in place within 5 or so turns -- waiting on those Mk III Fusion Engines*)



* As a core race, I have suffered long and hard to develop such devices :P I envy the brain blobs sometimes :D

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Ah Eternus,


You touch on a subject very close to our hearts - this is one of the only games that actually encourages trade and even, therefore, makes some form of piracy (naughty, naughty :) ) actually viable. Even if true piracy is difficult, economic warfare is not.... :D


Anyway, acting as one of your trade hubs is exactly what we've been pondering for two years...


Whilst sharing of the WP map is certainly viable with your friends and allies, it is not entirely necessary. So even the very paranoid could trade if they wished, provided they were not totally xenophobic..... :thumbsup:


It is certainly possible for someone to drop items at a colony in a system of mutual choice - neutral one. The 'middle-man' can then pick the items up, transport them across his space and drop them the other side for the customer, or even a further middle-man, who then takes them on.


This is the simplest trading system to set up, but with trust there's no reason that you couldn't have stuff directly delivered to your HW! :P


Chief Trader to Ur-Lord Tedric


(still using the Galactic Raw Resource Equivalent system as the basis for trade negotiations)


And looking to expand trading horizons.....

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I second Ur-Lord sentiments very strongly!!!. Trade IS definetly required and extremely beneficial. I have first hand knowledge of that one as Im sure many other players do.


As fate would have it one of my positions encountered another position a very long time ago

and we found that we each had items the other didnt have and would take a WHILE to research.


A year later this player set up a colony in my Home System with most of the resources for building it coming from my HomeWorld and presto TRADE!. As the game progresses and we each

cut deeper into the tech tree we find that we can invest more RC's into items we each dont have to get them faster. The only gripe I have is that with such close cooperation we cant share

info on horizon technologies or installations that would greatly benefit the other.

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Ah Trade routes, a good thing. We have long been delivering our Beverages (and assorted snacks) across the universe. My StarBars were developed so that trade would be encouraged and travellers could stop and be refreshed! Many a Trade Pact has been sealed at a StarBars! :beer:

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I also agree with all the above.


Transwarp Drives, Mk III or IV Fusion Drives, and Mk IV Warp Survey Sensors will bring about a huge change in the nature of this game.


Those players who enjoy alliances and trade can knock themselves out setting up complex trade routes, exchange rates, middle man markups, etc.


Those players who enjoy mayhem can have a blast disrupting the trade routes.


I haven't heard yet if the contents of cargo holds can be captured by the winner of a space battle. But I certainly hope so. Not because I'm mean, but because I want to see a fun game.


Conflict and opposition are what makes a game. If everyone in the game is of the alliance building type, and we're all holding hands and singing songs together, then the game would be boring. If you are the aggressive type, and you defeat the 1 neighboring empire that hasn't dropped. Then what's next?


There must be a fine balance in the distance between active empires. They have to be close enough for alliances and trade routes to reach in a reasonable time. Transwarp Drives and high AP help extend that reach. But the empires also have to be far enough apart for the Pirates to be able to swoop in and have a chance to make an escape. Then the alliance has to try to cut them off from the trade route, or move the trade along another route.


I see the potential for some really fantastic cultural changes in the future as we all progress from consolidating our small local neighborhoods, to crossing the "international waters".

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We have colonies set up for trade. The actual ideal situation is for your trade partner to set up a colony for you with people and Improved ICs etc.... No power needed! You take it with a military unit and your ally pushes the improved/advanced components for the products you want. 4000-5000 IICs can really crank out MK II Antimatters or Type C Plasmas for your ally. In return you do the same thing and boom he drops Vaanite Armor and Type A Cloaking Devices for you.


No long routes going all through the universe....Nope...Just economic hubs.


Of course this is just my humble thoughts...

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What would you consider a long distance? :beer:


I don't see any problem trading with a partner that is 5 turns away. At just 4AP and TWD, thats 20 jumps. I'm still researching MK II Fusion Engines, so I haven't taken the time to see just what it takes to haul a significant cargo load at 4AP. Maybe I'm jumping the gun a little here.


You can cross my space in 10 jumps. If any of my neighbors were active, I think I should be meeting up with them by now. So I'm hoping that 20 jumps will get me to the next neighbor over.


Anyway, I don't have any active neighbors. I should have Mk II Fusion Drives, FTWD, and Mk IV Warp Survey Sensors very soon. And I'm really looking forward to sending a Star Trek like expedition to "Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before". With 4AP I should be able to MOVE, SURVEY, WARP, SS, SURVEY, and be able to cross 1 star system per turn in search of Green Space Hippie Chicks!

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With 4AP I should be able to MOVE, SURVEY, WARP, SS, SURVEY, and be able to cross 1 star system per turn in search of Green Space Hippie Chicks!


now correct me if I am wrong but... you could only do move,Survey,warp on one turn as... when you warp, your AP's go to 0.So, then you would take 2 turns to move as you would have to wait one turn to do SS to find next warp point(???)

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interesssting thougthsss.


Couple of throghtsss about sssharing sssyssstem information. Couldn't you potentially be sssharing other empiresss information of sssyssstemsss within 3 of their HW?


We have alssso been sssharing exploration information with sssome of the racesss that we have encountered, but haven't gotten asss much back due to the fact we are more in their ssspace then oursss.


We having bumped into quite a bit of playersss have been ssslowly working on trade. It takesss sssome time. Sssome of the playersss are non resssponsssive and ssshoot firssst, othersss we have ssstarted to work on trade ssset up bordersss and the next thing our fleet ssscoutsss sssee are million ton war like ssshipsss entering the neutral zone (could they be Romulansss?). The colonizersss we have bumped into have been wary and ssslow to ssset up trade routesss


But we are hopefull asss well that trade routesss will eventually be ssset up.


CTO Sssarasss


PSss On a ssside note it isss possssssible for the horizon tech benefitsss to be given to onesss ally'sss, but takesss trussst and time. :beer:

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That right Orin assuming you didnt know the warp point numbers. it is possible though if another player gives you those numbers. So let say an AP 4 fleet want to move a few star systems

and has been given the warp point numbers by other player. That fleet could concievably

move to the 'known' warp point survey it and warp all in the same turn. ie

Player A knows the warp points in system A and warps to system B which he has never been too until just now. He doesnt know the warp point numbers but another player gave them to him.

That fleet still has 3 AP's left so with those AP's in hand conducts a SS then a move order using the info the other player has provided then a survey order and another warp. This Fleet can now conduct another SS and get the warp points in this new system 2 jumps away. :beer:

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With 4AP I should be able to MOVE, SURVEY, WARP, SS, SURVEY, and be able to cross 1 star system per turn in search of Green Space Hippie Chicks!


now correct me if I am wrong but... you could only do move,Survey,warp on one turn as... when you warp, your AP's go to 0.So, then you would take 2 turns to move as you would have to wait one turn to do SS to find next warp point(???)


Don't worry - the thing we think you're missing is knowledge of Transwarp Drives. With one of these fitted ships no longer have their APs reduced to zero after transiting WPs.


This will then allow you to transit a WP, scan the system, conduct a survey of the WP you're now sat at and see all the results in the turn report, ready to plan the next move. 4AP TWD-equipped survey ships are very useful.


With higher AP ships there will come a time when you can survey ALL the WPs in a new system before deciding which way to go next....


CHief Scientist to Ur-Lord Tedric

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