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How much can the emperor do?


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I was wonder what the rest of you all have seen as far as imperial help to production. I have a seen my emperor help as many as 5 seperate areas of production on a single turn. What do you all see?


How about combined efforts? I have seen 3 different characters helping a single item for a 45% bump in production. What have you all seen?

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While it seems to make some sense, my actual data shows otherwise. Between 2 positions the one with all of the installations only has about 1/2 the action as the one without most of the installations. Currently (last 5 turns) the position without the installations has averaged 6 events while the one with all of the installations has averaged a bit less than 2.

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The Emperor is a GOD at DIP orders if you have the right gifts with you. Never EVER let the Emperor travel around in anything lighter than A Flag Cruiser though


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Oh shadow shadow...space is filled with other dangers apart from other Empires :D

Good gifts can be just about anything, some provoke reciprocal gifts seems rather random so far :cheers:


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20% bonus per hit


I have a list of most of the other bonus percentages per leader type that I'll send in form of memo or article etc.


Maximizing your installations UNDENIABLY increase the number of bonus events per turn.


The question is -- when will it be more efficient for you to spend your CMs on installations than SM/IC?


My estimate: a little over 12-13 leaders that give 14% bonuses per hit.

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