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Christmas Greetings


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As Christmas is nearing I just wanted to take this opportunity to send my warmest greetings and wishes to all my friends, allies, known associates, unknown associates as well as most respected enemies and yes, dare I say it, to one and all of this community for the year gone by as well as all the years passed since we started playing SNROE.


Some special shouts out to:


The Gang :cheers: You know who you are and your support and friendship never ceases to amaze me, nor that cheerful joy that sometimes shines through all the dreary drudginess of finding the time to do turns, when something goes precisely as anticipated or something fun is found within the game. You are the best!


Russ :drunk: For making the most skilled UN diplomat look like a bumbling amatuer when stepping in and defusing situations and calming me down when I'm on one of my rants, you D'man!


Pete :thumbsup: . I may not be your favorite Gremloid but I am a devout fan of the effort you've put into the game and though I may be *ahem* a bit prone to ranting (Can you say Naval Combat Draft) :D I think the medication is actually helping and I've been quite the charmer of late on the boards :) Also major kudos for making Espionage and cloaks work again, a lot of us have been waiting a long time for that and we look forward to new forms of mayhem. You can be proud of the what you've created and I think you can see it in the fact that so many of us are still around, turn after turn, year after year.


Eternus, Joseph and all the other prolific posters on the boards that keep it interesting :cheers: , I miss Eternus but hope he will be back soon. Joseph for the excellent work with the reader!! WKE...You always make me laugh and have a positive outlook on even the most bizarre events or mechanics in the game!


The Hellenic League; :D "Once you catch a tiger by the tail, make real sure you never let go!" You are a worthy opponent and I salute you for your skill as well as your determination and excessive production capacity!


To the fallen ones, :ph34r: those that fell in battle, boredom or sheer pressure from that awful thing we call "Real Life" where electricity and gas bills take precedence over where to place the next Nova Station and whether or not one can afford a Universal Gate for all the conquered homeworlds. We salute you all and hope for your resurrection!


To Bob :wub: , you know who you are, a consistent pleasure to have as a neighbour and friend and the one sign that there is hope for the Phoenix Arisen yet :)


To the Phoenix Arisen, :pirate2: somebody had to be the Shadows, Dark Empire, Really Bad Guys With Cool Ships and you have filled that position most excellently and you make the game so much more fun!


To any and all I may have neglected to mention, it is not that you are forgotten, one and all this Christmas, Hanukka or special holiday of your denomination, I wish that it be one filled with warmth, friends and family and a time for serenity and making turns of course! :beer:


:cheers: Merry Christmas from Lars aka Locklyn of the Genesian Gremloid Technocracy :santa:


Ps. And if you should see a jolly fat guy in a red suit near your HW...that just shows that the Mk IX Chameleon Cloak works really well on my War Dreadnaughts :alien: Ds.

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Ps. And if you should see a jolly fat guy in a red suit near your HW...that just shows that the Mk IX Chameleon Cloak works really well on my War Dreadnaughts alien1.gif Ds.


We will have the Mk II Cookie Plate and Type D Glass of Milk out for you should you happen to show up at our HW. :cannon:


We only have Type A Eggnog, but have developed Mk X Spirits to augment it.


May everyone enjoy the holiday season.



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