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Multilateral Talks Concerning First Contact

The Boo Consulate

How do you intend/deal with first contact?  

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The Boo Consulate sings songs of greeting:


The Boo are a peaceful race and we seek friendship and commerce with all civilized races. We have commissioned this poll and sent it out into the void via universal tachyon transmission in an effort to engender debate and encourage common understanding regarding first contact situations. Our government's analysis of tachyon traffic indicates that many in the Core are already capable of jumping through C,D,E,F, and G warp points. We believe that we are on the eve of a Galactic Renaissance.


Our scientists have been at work for some time now translating the documents of the Ancient Egglayers. It is clear that the present dark age was brought about by a terrible war that ripped galatic civilization apart. Recognizing that our emerging galactic neighborhood could suffer a similar fate, we seek ways to avoid the types of misunderstandings and inadvertant shoot-outs that lead to unnecessary war and destruction.


Therefore we ask you what are your thoughts on this subject?


The Policy of the Boo is to make public those systems which we regard as sovereign and subject to the enforcement jurisdiction of the Consultatum. We acknowlege the right of all spacefarers to traverse the void in peace, but in those areas that are our sovereign territory we regard it as our right to require prior notification and a prior negotiated entry. These are border controls designed to avoid unnecessary blood shed. Currently only the IDER system is subject to a lethal force orders for unauthorized entry. Nevertheless, we do require prior notice before anyone is allowed to enter our extended sovereign territory. We have publically posted, and shall so do again, those systems we regard as sovereign. Do not colonize these systems for such will be viewed as an act of war.


Finally, in light of our government's commitment to freedom of the spaceways, we shall regard any hostility toward our ships as an act of war. We invite you all to reciprocate in the publicizing of those systems which you regard as sovereign so that we might negotiate entry thereto before we commit an act of trespass. If our explorers should be fired upon without fair waring we shall have no choice but to seek just redress for such acts of piracy.


Boo Consulate

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The Saturnian Empire also seeks peace with its neighbors and those it may meet. If you enter one of our restricted perimeter systems you will be fired upon by one of our Watchman class guard ships which soon will be stationed at every warp entry point. These unmanned vessels are a warning beacon which even a lowly Pathfinder should easily destroy. We hope that this "shot across the bow" will not be used by another empire a pretext for starting a war. If you enter one of these systems (the names of which may be made public in the near future) please return the way you came as any further incursion into the empire will be considered a hostile act and will be dealt with very aggressively.


Charles the Bold

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To the Boo Consulate,


We have recieved your transmission and in the spirit of "encouraging common understanding regarding first contact situations", we would ask that you consider the following:


Though your diplomacy does seem fair and just, I can't imagine that it takes into account all of the customs, courtesies, cultural values, etc. of every race and empire. There is bound to be a lot of diversity in the galaxy, even among the good-hearted and fair-minded races. To assume that the only way to rightly lay claim to star systems is by transmitting such claims into space, is to assume that all races think and act alike.


We too have noticed that there is a lot more activity in the galaxy than anyone in our empire ever imagined. It seems logical that the farther out from your world that you explore, the more likely you are to run into some other race's territory...uninvited. Some may maintain, and rightly so according to their customs, that the burden of discovering ownership of newly encountered systems is on the "intruder". This can be accomplished by transmitting your intentions to enter new systems before doing so.


We are by no means telling you how to run your empire but space exploration is dangerous and if your explorers wish to avoid hostile contact, it may not be prudent to go blundering into new systems unannounced. If one is to explore the galaxy in this manner, then one should accept the consequences.

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Greetings and many thanks for the comments.


The suggestions and comments are very welcomed and encouraging. Henceforth the Boo shall announce publically its intention to enter new systems. This should give all of those with credible interests therein a fair opportunity to object and or strike up negotiated entry talks. Our government's commitment to freedom of the spaceways, however, will remain a part of our exploration policy. Accordingly, while we will announce our intentions, we regard the onus of proving sovereign territorial jurisdiction to be on the race that objects. Two standard weeks is an appropriate amount of time to prove a credible claim. Absent a credible showing of some legitimate claim we will continue on our mission. Any other policy would merely serve as an instrument for stymieing our efforts at exploration. We have alread encountered interstellar pranksters and we do not intend to harassed again.


We are fair and will respect the legitimate sovereign interests of others provided they are proved to a reasonable degree of certainty. The Galaxy should know that we will not fire upon unknown aliens while on exploration missions. Furthermore, warning shots are not considered legitimate causus belli when the shooter has a legitimate claim to protect. It does seem to the scholars in our government, though, that a safer and more economical strategy might be to merely place a sentinel ship named "Mine, go away" or with some other similar descriptive title at the entry of all guarded warp points.


Again, we thank those that have responded to our poll and we especially thank DWillard and the Saturian Empire for their elaborated positions.


In Peace

The Boo Consulate

Member of the GSL

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President M'Bete,


Your point is of course true. Nevertheless, we find hope in the fact that 5/6 of those that shot first are not necessarily bad per se, but instead show by their responses that they are open to negotiations. Indeed, our interpretation is that those in that number are primarily motivated by fear of the unknown and weary of invasion by the barbarian hordes about whom the Galactic Annals sing.


In fairness to the truth, however, we must acknowlege that the present respondants are but themselves a small fraction of the sentient spacefaring races that must inhabit our Galaxy. Of the perhaps 400 other races out there howmany are silent predators? This unknown quantity is the source of much perceived need to shot first and ask questions later. It is our government's hope that the civilized and enlighted races will rapidly expand their influence so that together with like minded races they can protect against such barbarism.


Boo Consulate

Member of GSL

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Speaking of 'silent' predators, whatever happened to CaoCao the Wicked? :ph34r: Did he get lost in our transfer to this Forum? :cheers:

We must also keep in mind that even the most evil of nations/individuals/aliens came in peace.... :blink:

After all, the reason the Romans greeted each other by grasping fore arms was because they wanted to make sure there wasn't a dagger hidden there. :o

As for me, I will greet you with hospitality :( , but will always be wary of the dagger. :unsure: Frankly, an alien race will have to earn my trust.

All of my exploration ships are set on "fire if fired upon" orders and my warships are set on shoot to kill. :o unless I have an agreement with you (and since the player to player diplomacy rules don't seem to be working....)

So unless you find some hidden WP into one of my systems, you will always run into one of my exploration vessels first. If you go any farther without diplomatic contact, be prepared to be destroyed. :woohoo:


Alcorn the Honored One

Sabeli Ecok

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I think all the board smack talk and "evil gonna kill ya" posting was quashed by lack of contact.


Its hard to talk smack to an alliance or two when it seems the chances are minute that you'll bump into more than one empire within the span of a real year.


Not a gripe. Just an observation.


Assuming we only find one empire early on, whats the point of blasting them out of the sky? In fact, I predict that a year from now, the empire "lines" will be drawn by actual neighbors rather than pre-packaged alliances.


Eventually duos and trios will get bored and decide to blast the fourth or fifth empire they see banking on the fact they have strategic superiority.

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I am not sure that you will need to wait to the 3rd or 4th empire you find to get bored. I suspect many are that way already and will shoot at anything that moves just to get some interaction. This is supposed to be a space combat game and so far very little contact and even less combat. Makes it a bit hard to want to be friendly to the first person you see if it might take another year to find the second person.


For my fleets they are what they are and it costs too much to change them so that's the way they will stay. :thumbsup:

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Thats a very honest criticism.


First of all, I love this game. I think Pete and Russ have a winner. But I tend to find myself in the "impatient" camp in regards to player contact.


I confess that I'm actually learning to enjoy the pace more and more. The anticipation certainly adds an element to the game. With that said...


I brag about this game all the time - but my only reservation is that it takes almost a year before you find somebody. That makes most people shrug it off.


Ultimately, the games success and profitabilty will rest upon its design. If people get bored, they will leave.


I'd prefer a tighter galaxy. I'm doing the best I can to find someone and I admit I probably wasn't as aggressive in those first few turns as I thought I was in knocking down warp points.


Whatever the reason I cant find someone, waiting a year for player interaction tests the patience of most gamers, regardless if they are empire builders or impatient warlords eager to "steamroll" the universe.


I would happily drop my current positions to join in a "tighter" SNROTE universe or section of the galaxy. I'm also 100% certain that I'm not alone in that sentiment.


I'd be spending a lot more money knowing that I was headed for a dogfight than I would in hoping that I find a dog in the first place.


Pete and Russ are more than aware of our gripes in this regard. One thing is for sure, either the playerbase will change or the game will change.


There is a strong enough core of gamers that will see it through (me being one of them) but we can always hope that new sections of the galaxy have a tighter radius between players. I think it would attract 100% more players to the game. I can think of at least half a dozen players who would join in if they knew they'd make contact within the first two to three months. I'd reroll a new position in a heartbeat. In fact, I think it would be fun if we all did :thumbsup:


Perhaps the reason we ARENT tighter together has to do with the tech tree. Thats what I keep thinking.


I think we are all too spoiled by Victory! :lol:

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Hobknob writes: "This is supposed to be a space combat game and so far very little contact and even less combat. "


Who ever said this was supposed to be a space combat game?


The more turns I process, the more it looks like the campaign from Starfire.


I would call it a Space Reality Game. It might have combat, and it might have this or that. But mostly it seems EXTREMELY realistic.


Now, go take on your day.


Tom Adams


PS Have the turns been shipped yet? :thumbsup:

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Hobknob isnt alone in initially thinking SNROTE was a war game. The predecessors to this game were AWESOME war games. Nothing even close to Starfire.


Past performance creates future expectation.


The people I mentioned who wont play were also expecting more of a wargame from SNROTE. Many came in with prepackaged alliances hoping that the player interaction would reach the fever pitch of its predecessors.


*I* was expecting a wargame and have been pleasantly surprised at the difference.


I still miss SN II. SN II was a classic game, in part because it was a wargame, but mostly because of the cast of characters that played it. Mega-alliances and intrigue.....had it all :thumbsup:


This is more realistic in many aspects and MUCH more defensive in nature. Taking out other players will be insanely difficult.


SNROTE is a far-distant cousin of SN II. Some people love the change, others hate it.


They still get my turns so that tells you how I feel about it :) But I'd probably play a game closer to SN II if I had to choose.

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I like the realism of the game as well. For me the biggest draw is the openendedness of the system. We can do what we want and the realism of the game ensures that we suffer the consequences for our fallacies and errors.


With that said, we are propably close to more interaction. This year will probably blossom with diplomacy. I just hope our honored GMs get the inter-player diplomacy worked out sooner than later. Assuming that the game is designed to work the way it has, the lack of interplayer diplomacy is the great black hole that will suck away the player base.

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I rather enjoy the fact that you can't Blast your neighbor right away. simply because you don't know who your neighbor is! :)

I enjoy slugging it out :D which is why I am also in several games of Victory as well (satisfies my warmongering crave :taz: ) so I can spend more time :thumbsup: , errr, I mean contemplating the next move in SNROTE. Therefore, I will probably not blast the first alien I meet, (especially if his ship has 10 times as many weapons as mine :ranting: ) but will try to worl on other parts of the game, such as trade, exploration etc. There is so much more to this game, than combat, which makes it great for holding HBOB gatherings in between turns. :cheers:

so here's to the next alien I meet :alien: , and let's hope they're transporting Beer and not guns.


Alcorn the Honored One

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