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On my last turn "much was learned about Mk VII Pursuit Missile technology!".


Being as I haven't even got Mk I Pursuit Missiles yet it seems that the tech tree must be very high indeed! I was wondering what other high level discoveries people have found. Is Mk VII about the limit or do we have a Mk XVII out there? What about 8th Generation Civil Engineering or does it stop at the 3rd or 4th generation?

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The highest that I have found are--


6th Generation Horizon Techs

Mk VI Engines (Nuclear, Fusion, Anti-Matter)

Mk VII Torpedoes

Heavy Weapons (Laser, Pulse Laser, X-Ray Laser)


--but I have also seen things like Dyson Sphere, Mk II Universal Gate and Spinal Mount weapons.


At the current research rates - check back with me in 2010, I should be able to give you more. :lol:



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Here are some of my finds.....


3rd Generation Social Engineering

4th Generation Species Engineering

6th Generation Industrial Science

Cobalt Fusion Bomb

Colossus MTGM

Cordellium Composite Armor

Electric Fence - Had to leave this one here...we can fly in space but damn...elec!

Holographic Neural-Feed Battle Grid

MK III Personell Transporter

MK IV Field Hospital

MK IV LongRange Sensor

MK IV Total Conversion Engine

MK V Computer

MK VI Fusion Engine

MK VI Heavy Missile

T'ckon Imperial Assault Walker

T'ckon Imperial Battle Blaster

T'ckon Imperial Blaster Pistol

Thermal Typhoon

Type A Stasis Field Generator

Type B Spinal Novabore

Type C Planetary Shield

Type C Spinal Novanore

Type D Universal Translator

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Have discovered a few of the mentioned tech's (albeit at lower levels) but the strangest discovery so far has been T'ckon 68 Technology. Possibly so advanced it hasn't been given a name yet?!


It is quite clear from this list of techs, if we didn't know it already, that more than a little imagination and thought has gone into the game.

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A few more, pardon any duplicates.


1G Android, 200cm Spinal Rail Gun, Aegis Heavy Laser Cannon, Dimensional Rift Cannon, Dyson Sphere Construction, Enforcer Pulse Cannon, ESP Doomcaster, FPS-1 Fleet Formation Scanner, Haven Shield, Heavy Graser, Holographic Generator, Hvy Antimatter Blaster, Hvy Antimatter Blaster, ICE-1, Intimidator Pulse Cannon, Mk II Defense Directorate, Mk II Personnel Transporter, Monofilament Blade, Munich Infantry Support Gun, Neutralite, NWTX-4000 Planetcracker, Particle Projector Cannon, Phased Energy Grip, Plektonite Armor, Psychotic Inducer, Refuge Shield, Screamer Bomb, Siege Phase Shaker, Siege Plasma Hellbore, Siege Shaker Beam, Siege Tachyon Blaster, SLY-4 Intelligence, Sensor Package, Total Conversion Bomb, Type B Planetary Field Distorter, Type C Engry Web Projct, Type C Planetary Shield, Type C Stasis Fld Generator, Warden Point Defense System



Live Emanon :lol:

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Damn it! Damn it all to hell! I got two pathfinders doing XEPL every turn and now they decide to find something of intrest but discard all 3, yes 3 different items, for lack of cargo space! ARGH! :thumbsup:

Anger growing!

Irrational pounding of fists upon desk!

Humbly sending email to Pete to remove all XEPL orders.

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I would hate to think your anger is getting the better of you.


I share your concern at the loss of finds when using Pathfinders, maybe I missed something (quite likely) but why stop them doing EXPL orders - unless they are needed for another purpose.


My argument is this; It was worthwhile last turn for them to explore solely for Tech advances and the very slim chance of finding an alien ship, why the change now? There is still the chance that they will find a tech advance. You are not really losing anything tangible in the role of the dice that indicates they find cargo.


Personally I favour building cargo fitted scouts in different fleets and setting them up to search separately increasing the odds of finding tech advances with the bonus of finding cargo.

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