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I figured we might as well start a discussion on installations and the paths to get there.


Domed City: Reduces Atmosphere Attrition, Costs 5000 Improved CM and takes 2G Civil Engineering and Improved CM


Thermal Transfer Center: Extends lower temperature range to -90 (from home world). Takes 250,000 Improved Coinstuction Material; 1 Population and consumes 25,000 power

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Orbital crystal refinery

500 improved CM's to construct. uses no power soaks up 50 raw materials and spits out 10 improved refined crystals.


Thank you for that President Guztov.


What is the Orbital part?

Does it need 1 population as normal?


Looks like a very good return on the investment.

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What you are telling me is that I need to research ADVANCED Crystals in order to build an Installation that manufactures IMPROVED Crystals???


I'm never going to figure out this  :D  tech tree.  :)

The idea here is that you've figured out something brand new - Advanced Refined Crystals. With that in mind, your scientists worked out a better way to manufacture the old Improved Refined Crystals. The brand-spanking-new Advanced Refined Crystals are harder to make, so you'll need to use industries for them. Improved Refined Crystals enjoy a level of automation because of the new refining processess that came about during Advanced Refined Crystal research.

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How about Solar Power Plant, Deep Core Heat Sink or even Improved Industrial Complex's, continuing, Cloning Center, Grand Catherdral, Planetary Defense Complex, Atmosphere Exchanger, Anti Matter Power Complex, Geothermal CoreTap, Improved Stripmine's, Terraforming Station, Weather Control Station, Frontier BaseImperial Port Authority Complex, Imperial University, Linear Accelerator, Microbiotic Decontamination Center.



Live Emanon

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