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GSL Trickery??????????????


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Well, lets see, the latest rumor i heard that was interesting is.... :thumbsup:


Madmartin is still in the original GSL, he only pretends to be gone so he can attack the player he is fighting without damaging the Prim and proper White hat status of the GSL. ;)

The attack is just a way for the GSL to get some Battle Data, and if the guy falls too easy, any non member in contact with them will be NEXT. :unsure:


BTW hopefully the topic will be the rumor, and you will not kill the messeger for delivering it. :o


Moonshadow ;)

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MadMartin is the founder of the Gremloid Society of Love, which was previously declared the one and only true GSL (not to be confused with other organizations which bear those inititals), thus is the original member. ;) Surely he merely wars with those who wish to oppress the poor, besieged and abused gremloids he so dearly loves. (Okay, there's an outside chance that his targets maybe be filthy with loot and he cannot resist his piratical urges, but that is mere speculation and rumor. :lol: )


I hope this clears things up for you Shadow Brother. :unsure:

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We believe in Gremloid love! Commander Locklyn of the Gremloid league has contacted me and informed me that Gremloids LOVE being in large pots of water that is slowly heated...something called soup???


We of course will volunteer to conduct this experiment!


Long Live the GSL!

Power to the people!

Excommunication before Submission!



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To all starfaring sentients,


Be it known that MadMartinB (aka Martin Burlingame) and all of his positions have formally withdrawn from the Galactic Star League (GSL). As such, he no longer speaks on behalf of, nor represents the Galactic Star League in any capacity.


Those wishing to contact or enter into dialogue with our organization are encouraged to contact myself, Tom Adams, Ken Ditto or Lars Andersson, our Minister of Recruitment.


Regardless of the ridiculous amount of rumor or slander against the GSL you might read within this forum, the GSL remains committed to its creed of enlightenment and peaceful coexistance with our galactic neighbors and will meet aggression and war with all the resistance we can muster.


We, the Galactic Star League, are confident that the truly noble and just amongst you will know us for who and what we truly are. We look forward to friendly relations with all who desire same.

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We have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. As all sentinent species know, the Gremloids are a peaceful and quiet race, almost pacifistic in nature, confined to their home system where we contemplate the beauty of the stars and write poetry in salutation of the western winds soft touch on our scales...


We have no warships, none whatsoever, anywhere, and if we had, they would be very small and friendly...we swear :thumbsup:



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