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Draco Warp Points surveyed or not?


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Pete, I have an important question.


In my new Draco setup, my home system warp points are all listed under, "** Imperial Astronomical Report: Unsurveyed Warp Points **"

All those very same warp points are also listed under the list of "Warp Points Surveyed"


So, which is it? Are the home system warp points already surveyed or not?


I can certainly use those survey order slots elsewhere. But I would hate not to have my Pathfinders make it into the adjacent systems because the wrong part of the SNROTE program had them listed as unsurveyed.



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Digging way way back with the wayback machine (and pulling out ancient files), this is apparently the same as it was in Andromeda galaxy during setup. The home system warp points show up as unsurveyed in the main body of the Imperial Activity Report for the first turn, but as surveyed in the Surveyed Warp Points. If this is working the same, then yes, all your home system warp points should be surveyed.

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