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Hello Draco Community,


I would like to introduce myself to the Draco Community. I started this turn on March 02. 2016. Pete and Russ have been very helpful, I would like to thank Hobnob for answering many of my questions. So, I thought I would pick the communities brains as well. My new and only active empire is the Rustic Empire #5100 in Draco. I was Lostworlds long ago.


1. How many turns ago did Draco start?


2. I have read second hand post about the differences between the two Galaxies. I may have missed something when I read the all of the rolling thunder boards last weekend. Is there a post somewhere that list the differences?


3. Do I need to do ANZ and INST for all everything again? I have taken every ANZ and INST from the boards. Thank you to Hobnob for your contributions. I currently have looked at the material from the download area. I have Crossroads (2004) and a few other old documents to about 3-4 generation.


4. I have two old production spreadsheets. I am going through them to change them to Draco. Are there any that can be downloaded somewhere for Draco?


5. I am intending on build 6000 each of these on my Rustic Knife homeworld. Could someone explain if they are helpful or not?

Cathedral Imperial Administration Center Imperial Information Ministry Imperial Resort Imperial Secret Police Facility Imperial Sports Complex Mission Provincial Capitol Administratio Shrine Temple


6. Does the research done on your start up turn count toward getting those items?


7. Do we get leaders at the same rate in Draco?


8. Are all the warp points in our system and coming back into our systems already mapped? It shows only the two outgoing are mapped?


10. I was thinking about skimming for fuel. I have a Earth type planet with Oxygen planet and water. Does that mean I will only get 10% of the amount? Should I just skim fuel on the gas giant instead?


11. Is it worth while to just scrap all the pathfinders? I was wondering because they have no cargo holds.


12. I have no positives or negatives for colonization. How hard will colonization be in Draco?


13. What advice would you give to a new Draco player?


Thanks for all the help :thumbsup:


Richard Johns

Leader of the Rustic Empire





Egypt Game #9 (Awesome Game)

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1. Draco setup turns were issued on 9/17/2015 and 12 turns have been processed

if you started on turn 10 you will be placed away from the "Core" players and put near some other tenth turn players


2. A flyer was issued for Draco..send me your e-mail and I will get it to you and some other info


3. Yes, new ANZ and INST will be required for all of us. Things may have changed or they may not have changed. So unless a friend shares some info you have to do the ANZ

your setup sheet shows the new INST available and the changes that occurred to some of the resources (i.e. 2 IRON to make Steel instead of 3, etc....)



4. None that I know of. you will have to tweak what you have for any changes


5. I would say the value is still limited....I do not know if Religion has been fully implemented in Draco......


6. No


7. It appears so but only time will tell


8. What you see is what you get. All warp point are explored and ready to go through in your home system. If for some reason a one way jump from some other star exists that ends in your home world then you will be the second person to find out about it. I have never heard of such an event however

10. You get something but gas giants are better


11. They have some value and they also make good sentinels. Use them as you will but scrap them if you feel the need for something better


12. Same as Andromeda it appears. If Colonization fits your races best strategy then you should proceed.


13. Advice? None of us know enough about Draco to give good advice. I would say generally that it depends on your neighbors that you find. For instance if you are near my borders then your best strategy is to "bend the knee". If you have no neighbors then you need little strategy. Your racial characteristics (and your neighbors) will tend to give you some guidance weather you should turtle along or explode on the galaxy like a Stellar Nova.


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Thanks for the help so far everyone.


I have another question.


I have 8 ships in #101


Do I have to use a NEWF and RN to create a new fleet and move it into the new fleet?


Can I instead do a RN to create a new fleet name and move it at the same time?


I am trying to save one order.

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I have a question about Draco AP. Can I put a single MkI nuclear engine on a ship with any size over 25K and still get 1 AP? I am trying to make a 1 AP explore ship but do not want to build all the nuclear engines.


Thanks if anyone answers

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I was wondering if I have ships that will never leave my system can I have them without fuel shuttles and fuel tankage? I guess I asking fuel is only used for warp points right?


You only use fuel when you pass through a warp gate, so if you stay in-system you need no fuel tanks or jump drives

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I noticed that Special Talents are on my RTD. I have all mental powers at level 4. However, I cannot build them because they require Imperial Guards Soldiers. Do these soldiers belong in the Imperial Marines Soldiers tree or am I missing something? I did start researching them just in case that is true.

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Your on the right path. Imperial Marines Soldiers is a 3 pt tech followed my imperial guards soldiers also a 3 or tech. Will most likely need the improved food steel and weapons as researching the soldier tech didn't allow building of marine or guard ground units. Something tells me that advanced food weapons and steel might required for some ground combat units.

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What kind of losses can I expect from this planet?

Thanks for any answers.



They analyze general information about the planet, and determine that the attrition rate at this world would be extremely
low, with only minimal problems expected.
Your survey teams break down the cause of the attrition into the following categories:
Temperature: ------------------------|
Gravity: --|
Axial Tilt: -------------------------------|
Terrain (favorable) .........|
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