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Is it worth it - Ship Construction


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With MK II Fusion engines you are able to push high AP ships. Here is a basic design..IS IT REALLY WORTH IT?



20cm Gauss Gun 5 2000

Light Sonic Disruptor 10 2000

Mk I Computer 1 100

Mk III JSS 1 5000

Mk II Fusion Engine 650 65000

Mk I SR Sensor 5 500

Titanium 20000 20000

4cm Gatling Gauss CIDS 10 400

MK I Deflector 5 500

MK I Force Shield 5 500

Fighter Bay 1 10000

Tranwarp Drive 1 25000

Fuel Tankage 20000 20000

Fuel Shuttle 10 6000

Type B D Screen 5 5000

Type A Science Lab 0 0

SubTotals 162000TONS


This gives a 8 AP ship that can do multiple warp points but 650 MK II Fusion Engines. Yikes. Will it blow up with that many engines?



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Why are JSS on a war ship? You already know where to go and have surveyed it before hand. Save the JSS for survey ships or turn those resourses into other ship systems.

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It's actually an exploratio ship but with a NTWD and 650 engines I armed it. Pete mentioned that fuel tankage blows up easy.


Raw cost is high. But 8 APs = 4x regular ships and MK III JSS are expensive in their own right.

Well, I didn't exactly say it...I printed it in the Naval Combat Primer :o

  • A ship that is nothing but a Mk I Nuclear Engine and a whole lot of Fuel Tankage is very, very easy to destroy. This is because Fuel Tankage has terrible structural integrity. The same holds true for Cargo Bays and other functionally weak systems. Armor, on the other hand, has a lot of structural integrity. Advanced armor has an incredible amount.

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Actually wasn't it that the Fusion Engines were more susceptible to battle damage and more prone to exploding then?




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Can't have pirates blowing themselves up now before we get the chance to hang them can we :ranting: ?


Now how DO you hang someone in zero gee? Opposite Suit Thrusters and some monofilament wire? :lol:



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Actually a Gremloid is about 3/4 the size of an average humanoid in length...these grimloids are no cousins of ours that we are aware of :ranting:



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We do hereby proclaim a formal apology to the millions of tiny Grimloids that have been sacrificed to the turn accelleration gods over the past few cycles. To those few that remain, "ooops, sorry about that. We thought you were a different race of Grimloids. Your much larger 2nd cousins were actually the one's we need."


No wonder the sacrifices did not work last time.


Definately need to smack around some Intelligence officers now.

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