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The BOMB order

The Fremen

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Personally I was never very fond of the BOMB order. In Andromeda I never used it. Thought it was such a waste of valuable population resources. In Draco I like it even less as population seems to be an even more critical resource.

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Since the Bomb order is up in the air. I bring up an important point since it hasnt worked forever we should receive notice if or when it is going to be worked on. Right now everyone is immune but why are the Death machines running around with bombs if the system doesnt work. Also, will we be brought up to speed on how to use bombs effectively? I personally want to use bombs as well even on home worlds. My race does not need to conquer other races due to its design.

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MDD's only destroy installations and the subsequent pop, maybe some additional pop. They don't impact troops or stockpiles. Dropping enough MDD's can have adverse effects on planet conditions.


You drop the MDD's using the BOMB order and then sit back to see what happens. In the past you would have to scan the planet again to assess damage as there was't any sort of a report to tell you what happened. Part of the upgrade is supposed to make things more automatic and predictable. If the DMX forces don't have pop groups then MDD's are a waste against them.


In andromeda the use of mdd's can be called for when the enemy can just gate away. In Draco there is really little call for them since the pop can't escape. The biggest prize in the game, for the first 10 years or so, is population. Only time will tell if the same holds true for Draco.


I presume that the Bomb order could be back to working any day so I have stockpiles of MDD's and ships to carry them.


just sayin'



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