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New MESS order

Ur Lord Tedric

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For the GMs - and comment.....


In the new MESS order options we can send out the e-mail contact address. However, which one?


For such <IC> game messages I want to be able to give out the 'Empire's Own' e-mail address, not the one I use to communicate to RTG.


Can we change the e-mail address entry per empire? And can we then see it printed on our turn on the front page?


Whilst we're at it, could our PRIV setting and our Alliance Rank (and to whom one is ALLG'd to) also on be the front page?


If we can also restrict what goes out in the REA answer, then I, for one, would be happier to turn it back on. I'm sure, like many, I'm not overly content with my home address being given out to any old soul.......


Regards, Best and Please



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:cheers: When Russ posted the announcement on behalf of the Insect race would it be fair to assume that anyone could request the same. Furthermore, what would be the reasoning behind having the gamemaster post a message for you? I could see that maybe he/she can't post his/her own messages but it could also be to hide their identity.....hmmm.
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Do you have to have had contact with another empire to use the MESS order? I received a MESS this turn from another empire, haven't yet seen his ships. I found his ID in the galactic directory and emailed him (his message said to contact him) twice. No response.



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