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Pete has given us a new tidbit of information to digest:


Bastions will now assign themselves to Deploc 1 (overriding any fleet formation orders they might otherwise have) to ensure they are on the front lines, steadfast in their determination to defend with their full capabilities.


Does this only apply to the Badtians from the original Draco setups.  Can I design, for instance, a Bastian in Deploc 10 with the ROE of my choice?


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Sure, you can do what you want with your own designs (not named Bastion).  The Bastions you received with your setup were intended to provide a very strong defense against other players and DMX intrusion during the early stages of the game, along with a a counter to player exploits (deliberately sabotaging your own defenses to give your home world to a neighbor).  Strict rules on their use are needed to ensure that they remain capable in those roles.  What you do with whatever you choose to build yourself is entirely your business.


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