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Can't remember an order


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The DECF order can now be used to send all your empty fleets back to your homeworld in a single order. Enter the keyword HOME as the Fleet ID # and all fleets with no ships in them will be relocated to your homeworld.

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What is the order (or procedure) to delete one of your own beacons and to get it to stop transmitting?   Do I go to the system and issue a LC for the Beacon? 


I want to stop one of my beacons from singing before another empire finds it.

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19 hours ago, ZMH500 said:

As Far as i know you can't stop it Wish there was a order to destroy them it would  very helpful

How distressing.  Why can my empire have such wonderful tech as jump drives and Mk XXIV Death Beams but does not have the intellectual capacity to develop an OFF switch on a beacon?

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