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Grey Raven

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Hello everyone,

I am a new SuperNova player with just a few turns in on Draco at this point. As part of the process of learning the rules, I am creating a SuperNova Player Aid. While this is likely most useful to newer players, I am hoping the veterans will find it useful, as well. The purpose of this Player Aid is not to replace the existing rulebooks or the fantastic General SuperNova Advice for Draco Galaxy document created by Scott Vandersee, but rather serve as a quick reference document for things you need to access regularly (or learn as a new player). While I am only a Draco player, my goal is to make this document useful to Andromeda players, as well. The link to download is:


It is a work-in-progress and I hope to upload a revision once per week or so (until it's in a mostly-complete state) as I find free time to improve it. I will post updates to this forum thread as new versions are released.

Please feel free to reply to this thread with any corrections or ideas for improvement. There will be typos, mistakes, and concepts that could be more clearly expressed. Don't be shy about sharing your feedback. The more feedback I receive, the better this document will be for everyone. You can also email feedback to me: raven@rinzai.com. Thank you.

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After a nine-month break from working on this, I found the time this weekend to finish up the SuperNova Player Aid. v1.0 is now complete and available for download here:


This document will continue to be a work in progress and I will make updates as players send in corrections or ideas. If you have any corrections or ideas, please feel free to send them over. The goal would be to keep this to 10 pages, if possible, as it’s a Reference, not a Encyclopedia. Mostly used as a quick lookup document by players.

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15 hours ago, ZMH500 said:






The above exploration sequence makes the most sense to me.

It should be noted that every warp point in the game is technically one-way.  It's just that most have another warp point paired with them that happens to lead back.  Each has its own distinct entry in the database's warp point table.  True "one-way" warp points just don't have another one that points back the way the fleet came.

I would highly recommend that any fleet issues an SS first before even considering a SURV in a new system for several reasons.

  • It guarantees that the system is added to your empire's "surveyed systems" table which then allows NM and MOVE orders within that system (including on subsequent orders in that same turn) along with updating your "warp points unsurveyed" table.  SURV'ing after that clears out entries from that table so your drop-downs on future SURV missions in that systems are clean.
  • If it's a critical system, issuing an SS as the first order in your turn guarantees that you will get that system scanned even if an enemy fleet arrives on that same pulse and vaporizes your ships into radioactive debris (space battles don't actually occur until the end of each order pulse).
  • It's also very important to have that SS done first, before a SURV mission, for another reason: in case you have follow-up fleets arriving in the same turn into that system.  If said fleets are transwarp-capable they could then MOVE to other warp points in that system if you happen to already know their id #'s (surveying in an ally's territory, perhaps), or possibly a blind NM order to planet 1 (should there be at least one planet in the system, even if it's only a guess).  If you forget to get that SS done, or your fleet was atomized by enemy action before it got around to its SS order, it would cause all manner of havoc for these cases.
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Using a SURV when you don't know the rating (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,...omg) is to me a possible waste of an action. Unless your scout can crack anything. Some of mine (older single Pathfinders) can't even crack a "C". MOVE,SURV,WARP is also a no-no unless I KNOW I can crack the warp point. MOVE,SURV,WARP,SS,SURV is a pipedream for now...or a lot of wasted actions.


"What do you mean I can't jump through the warp?? I did the survey first so I could warp!"

"Sorry you fail your survey. Your race is still too stupid."

"But I'm suppose to system survey and do a warp survey in the next system! Lord and Master and Torturer For Anything That Displeases is expecting my report...or it is off with my head!!"

"What can I say...You're screwed! Ahahahahahahahahahahaha....."


....you are talking about doing this as a series of these action by a single fleet in a turn...right? Otherwise....






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One fleet could SURV the way out of a system and another already at that warp point (or a fleet that moves there) could WARP, SS, SURV assuming it has the capability to execute orders after a WARP.  All of that could be done in the same turn if you wish.  One fleet could do all of that if it had enough action points (with again, the capability to execute orders after a WARP).  As you note, however, that first SURV is best done with confidence or subsequent orders would be at risk.

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