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ANZ: Imperial Reforms
Imperial Reforms: A tidal wave of reforms aimed at improving efficiency sweeps across the empire. Unnecessary, duplicative bureaucratic institutions are abolished out right. Bureaucrats
whose positions are deemed pointless are reassigned or are simply fired. Rules and regulations are sharply relaxed across the board with an eye toward maintaining their
importance wherever possible while minimizing their impact on the overall efficiency of actually getting things done. Countless other changes are made to the government with an
eye toward improving efficiency at every turn. If your government happens to be a Bureaucracy, it realizes all of these effects as well, simply making it better in every
regard. As a result of instituting these reforms, the following significant effects are gained immediately: [1] Colonist influx rate boosted, [2] Industrial output levels
boosted, [3] Research output boosted, [4] Legendary Character promotion chances increased, [5] The Imperial Army is capped at 1000 divisions and [6] The Imperial Navy is
capped at 1000 ships. If you have excess ships in fleets or already in your shipyards, some will be flagged to be scrapped upon completion to comply with the new Imperial
limits, or even scuttled directly from existing fleets. Excess Divisions in armies, fleet cargo or stockpiles, or orders to build those in excess, may be lost. WARNING # 1: Once
this technology is developed, all of the above benefits and restrictions will instantly snap into place everywhere in your empire. WARNING # 2: Be fully aware of the effects on
your existing fleets, armies, stockpiles, shipyards, fleet cargo and divisional build orders before enacting this technology, though you have nothing to worry about if you are
below the ship and divisional limits, and simply gain the benefits out right.
Classification: Horizon Technology
This Item cannot be manufactured, and is either a ground combat upgrade or a prerequisite for other technologies

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My newest position is making 50 war ships per turn on their home world plus is gearing up for 50 divisions a turn on a colony. Luckily, my mines produce enough construction materials for my 2700+ homeworld growth. There is no world I cannot live on. Near half of the planets are ideal. I love being a colonizer. I will be avoiding the Imperial reforms.


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I agree that some positions will not want to be limited to 1000 ships or 1000 ground troops. Colonizers come to mind as they will have the best potential to spread like locust across the galaxy and exploit every orbit possible. This will allow them to have an incredible industrial base and able to build LOTS of stuff. 

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I wonder if the cap of 1000 ships also includes planetary bastions and orbital bases?   Can I have 1000 ships AND 3000 planetary bastian AND 2000 orbital stations?


i sure hope so...if I adopt these reforms I am going to have to build something with all these increased iron production I will gain.


BTW, what are the prerequisites for this tech?


Also, I can see a ton of time wasted every turn to see if I am near or over this limit.  Pete, are we going to see a “total ship count” line on our printout to minimize our efforts?

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6 hours ago, Lord Deependra said:

The 1000 ship limit isn't too bad, since you can always build bigger ships. The 1000 division limit is pretty severe though.

Yes agreed. Especially since the ground units that need to be researched have the same ratings as those in Andromeda. No changes. I had thought they would be tougher in combat. Your 1000 ground troops better have the best possible weapons and equipment and even then would get slaughtered by superior numbers of troops equipped with basic equipment in all areas except perhaps amphibious . 

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I have to say that 1000 Divisions would be very impressive today for Draco and even for the next couple of years if you are talking about dropping the full 1000 on somebody.  However, if you plan on putting a garrison on your valuable colonies that 1000 is quickly consumed.  Even then, give it a few years and even a mediocre position will be able to field several 1000 divisions.


Here is something else for free...


No amount of tech will overcome a far superior lifeform.  I have done it and know first hand.  So, if you are a really smart lifeform and have taken small, weak clumsy etc., to afford that smarts, your lifeform will be rather pathetic in combat.  If you only encounter other like minded players then no biggie,  However, there are others that may cause you serious problems.  All the tech in the universe will not overcome it and only having 1000 divisions is not helping.


Draco is not Andromeda, only a pale shadow, however, by 8 years into Andromeda armies in the 100k+ range were being fielded.

I really hope everybody takes imperial reforms...  Perhaps there will be reforms 2.0 that change this...









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