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War cry....or not


How do you motivate you troops?  

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Trying to generate more interest in the game and draw away from the growing negativity that seems to be building. It's time for some fun.


I tried a little controversy, now it's time for a little roleplaying. ARE YOU WITH ME?

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I will translate one of our favorite poems about continuous resurrection and the celebration of process.


Carried down by the coming of winter,

Buried deep under fallen snow,

Will we meet again? Or is this the end?


Craving light that comes through through the crystals,

Melted snow like a gift from above,

We will meet again

- this is not the end!


In the deep of the of the thickening dark,

There was light which came from a spark.

The darkness was the end

the light is soon your friend


Once again we lose who we were

Only to find what we can be.

Silence in the end

before we start again.


In this life that we know,

Like a dream made long ago,

There is only one song:


I want to grow



Academian Pria Yoerr, Cycle 2,303,101



We are gifted with the amazing ability to procreate in the farthest reaches of the universe. We expand not out of greed, but through joy!


We have no troops to motivate. If we did, they would accept their role in society out of duty for their fellow beings.


May we all live in peace.




Side note: The poem comes from a song I wrote years ago through the perspeective of a plant that was about to face a harsh midwestern snow, explaining to his frightened pals that all was not lost.

("Sun and Water" copyright 1997 Brad Lund)

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Gill Bates, 51 percent owner of Marcrohard. A company An empire, A way of life.



Here at Marcrohard, we are out to help all the Beings of the universe, with our Program Doors XXXPPP. Doors will let you open a "Door" to whatever you want to do. Doors is a 100% free operating system that will make your computer life easier. Even Non computer geeks can now operate their computer as easy as opening the door to their home. And the longer you use Doors, the better it works for you as its AI learns what you want to do, and aids you in your operation. To HELP you even more the AI reports to MarcoHard all your operations, so that the BIG BIG BIG AI can help your little AI, aid you in all you want or should be doing.


Listen to a real customer talk about Doors.


Yeah, I got Doors, and it works perfectly, just like the Doors rep told me. I did Have to By the Knobs add on, before I could open the regular Doors, and I had to be the No Glasses Interface, as i do not wear Glasses Like Gill Bates, and the other computer guys, but after i got those extras, for a small fee, I can now use the computer Like a pro, and the AI has Shown me many things I did not even know I wanted to Do, I love Doors, I sit and watch the Logo now instead of The news. Its really cool the way it spins.


Marcohard, now has customers on several planets, and is looking to Exapnd, any Empire, Planet, colony, or whoever that wants a free copy of DOORS, can get it by contacting Marcohard, at MHS.EMPire You too can make computers easy, and join a vast network of computer users.


Gill Bates CEO MarcoHard :P

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Because GOD says to do it. Blood for the Blood God!,,, akkk wake up wake up!!


Whew, what a nightmare. The troops of the Acari Imperium are by curiousity. What is that being composed of? How can knowing more about hot it works, how it ticks, etc. be used to further the developmetn of our species. It's nothing personal.

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