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How long does it take you to do your turn?


How long does it take you to do your turn?  

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From the moment you get your results to the moment you send 'em in :cheers: (Per position)


Feel free to include "thinking time" :D



Personally, it takes me about 30-60 minutes for one position to record the new info into my various databases and update my star map.


It takes another 30 mins to update my economy and do colony stuff.


Then probably another 30-60 minutes planning stuff out (I do this when I exercise mostly)


I then probably spend TOO much time trolling the boards for ideas and stuff :cheers:


All in all -- I like the 2 week turn around time because it gives me tremendous flexibility in planning my turn.


It takes me a lot more time to do a SNROTE turn than a Victory! turn...something I actually prefer about SNROTE over Victory.



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I can enter the new data for my turn in less than an hour. I check the message boards almost daily so I haven't really paid attention to that time. I also check all my fantasy football teams almost daily too.


To calculate my production it takes only 20 minutes or less with my spreadsheet. Sometimes I get ambitious and work on the actual spreadsheet but mostly I just think about how I will handle my first contact with another empire. Also, I sometimes go back to turn 1 and think what I could have done differently to increase my production in less time than I actually have.


Every turn I regret not saving points for the tech that I so desperately need. I am stuck on all sides by difficult warp points so I just do massive exploring and ship designing (which has actually turned into fleet designing now) thinking about the future tech that I will get someday. I still have not built any ships with more than 2 action points. I know there are empires that claim to have 6 or more action points and can make multiple warps. Alas, the tech restraints are devastating to an economy.


Overall, I am happy with the way my empire is developing although it is far too slowly. Again, my own fault for not saving points.

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Well, the time it takes to enter the empire data varies. It takes about 1 hour to peruse the report and copy and paste data into excel files for easier later reference, and about 1 hour to do the turn. Add in an hour or two of thinking. So over the "two week" period, I spend about 6 hours copy, pasting, thinking, reading, and doing my two empires turns.


I will say this. I never realized how data intensive this game is until I lost my excel sheets in a hard drive crash. Luckily all the turns since the beginning of the game were printed. But WOW ... I'm still going through the old turns and rebuilding the data sheets. Most of the data is Planetary scans (CSV, PMAP, GEO). If I didn't copy it into a file for easier later access, finding the scans on planet OhNo-2, or trying to find the next suitable colony world, by searching the old turns would be a nightmare. At least in Excel its easy to sort and manipulate the world data to find what I'm looking for. Plus with a simple excel map, I know where my ships are and can quickly plan movements to get from point A to point B.

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Umm, yeah. I don't use any spreadsheets. I know, it's foolish. I've been too lazy to set them up. I have started building up a file that has all my exploration data in it. That was a big step in and of itself. Organization is not my forte, in life or in gaming. I need a spreadsheet for the economic stuff. Desperately. It took me 30 minutes just to tool production orders for making 1 NTWD per turn. NTWD's are b*tch if you work it all out in your head.


In all, I spend 3 hours total reading my results, thinking about the turn, and entering the orders.


But I probably spend another 5 hours per week thinking about the game in general and conversing with allies.


- woolfe

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I usually spend about 1 hr per position looking over new turns, just for the first glance and going back to actually read every word - at least the good stuff. :D


I then spend several hours updating spreadsheets and checking the board to see what everybody has to say.


My production is generally tooled, but if it needs some real work I generally spend a couple of hours manipulating data in excel figuring out the best strategy. That is generally all done on the friday we get our turns or the following monday.


Then I think about turns until Monday before they are due and spend 3-4 hours figuring out all of the moves and making notes on the turns.


On Tues. or Weds. night I generally spend about 3 hours entering turn orders and deciding which orders won't make the cut or where to find a few more orders to fill out a 40. I never wste order space so it is always 40 or 80 or 120 even.


Within this process is countless trips to the board to check for messages and email checks for Petes corrections or friends news.


I could do it all in a couple of hours total but then I wouldn't be getting my money's worth. :lol:

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I reckon on 1 to 2 hours assimilating the data into the various spreadsheets, etc. Then about 1 hour fiddling with production queues, ship designs, etc. A couple of hours entering orders...then probably another hour redoing some of the orders (after thinking about them in the cold light of day). I guess around 6 hours...but hopefully this should be significantly reduced now I have finshed my new production spreadsheet! :beer:

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:beer: Hmmm I would say 4-6 hrs per empire. For me I look over everything multiple times first and update all my extra lists and notes on different things and then i begin to slowly work on my turns. It is a enjoyable time and it stretches over a couple of days but, I try to get it done way before the next deadline.
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