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ANZ on items in the stockpile


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I seem to recall a post saying that you can ANZ items you come across in explorations if you can get them into a colony stockpile.


I had a couple of ANZs fail this time. I think the reason being that they were not in the stockpile at the start of the turn, but were transferred during the turn (but before the ANZ). I could of course have just made a spelling mistake :python:


Can anyone put me right on this?

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Did you have a Science Outpost in the Pop Center where the item was stockpiled? You should be able to do it all in one turn so long as you transfer before the ANZ (which you did) and have a Science Outpost in the same Pop Center as the item. I assume an Imperial Science Outpost would work also but I can't verify that. I also don't know if any science installation will work or if it has to be the outpost.

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Assuming there are science installations on the world where the object is located, you can analyze it. As for myself, I copy the text from the PDF file for the object name and paste it into the item name on the ANZ order, just to make sure I got it right. Haven't had any problems yet (except having a nice item on a ship with no science installtions around for at least two jumps .. annoying).

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