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Dear Santa....

Clan Elder 'Keen

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...can I have these for Christmas?


1) Finalize the REVO and issue a new turn entry program. (The plotters are in place, the coup is ready!)


2) Modify the MESS order to allow entry of a customized email address instead of the default account email.


3) When new installations are discovered or analyzed, show the prerequisite tech paths.







(What are your top three?)

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1) Get some clarification on the mental powers in the game.


2) A Diplomatic Progress Bar showing if you're getting anywhere with the neutrals or if it is time to break out the troops


3) Better combat reports as for weapon systems and defensive systems, training levels et such for fleets? As it stands now the battle reports seem almost hand moderated and give very little actual information



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Well guys, these wish lists are pretty nifty. Heck, I even agree with most of them. However, the important thing isn't what we have on OUR wishlists. It's was is actually on Pete's Neverending List of Game Improvements. Maybe he could post/update the list once a month to let us know?


Sakarissa <_<

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