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When one uses the BOMB Order, according to the Order description, it affects the Pop Group that you target. Based on that, I was pondering the following:


1. Does that also include any and all Divisions that are 'stationed' in that Pop Group?


2. Does the devastation, assuming its not total, affect Population and Installations on an even distribution of damage or does it work like a massive temporary change in Attrition?


For example:

Pop Group 99999 has

1000 Spare Pop

1000 Stripmines

250 Industrial Complexes

500 Iron Mines

100 Gas Refineries

100 Shipyards

10 Shipyard Slips

10 Hydroelectric Power Plants

10 Cathedrals

10 Shrines

10 Missions


The Devastation caused by the dropping of your MDD of choice is 40%. Would the result be...


Even Distribution

600 Spare Pop

600 Stripmines

150 Industrial Complexes

300 Iron Mines

60 Gas Refineries

60 Shipyards

6 Shipyard Slips

6 Hydroelectric Power Plants

6 Cathedrals

6 Shrines

6 Missions



Attrition-like Damage

Out of the 3000 Total Population, 1200 are killed. The first 1000 is taken from the Unemployed (Spare) Population and the next 200 are taken randomly from the 2000 available structures.



Is it something completely different?


Answers would be nice as Empires are starting to collide, for good or bad. :ph34r:



On a related note:


Does attacking a Fleet with a PDF, Planetary Defense Fortification (i.e. Bastion), in it do any damage to the Pop Groups on the planet?


Based on it being part of a Fleet, I would think not, but I would like some confirmation one way or the other. (Maybe MadMartin can answer this since he's attacked a Bastion already, or so he claims. :D )


Thanks ...


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Now now...claims are not 100% accurate. My thread was how to take it out. I am inbound on a Bastion. The first player I ran into is a nice little GSL player and we have worked out an agreement. The second player has not responded and so we are starting to fight....I probably have 2 fleet battles this turn with him and am sending out combat ships towards his HW...


Even with MK II Fusions and NTWD it takes a long time :D since the engines can get the ship to 3 AP maybe 4....

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Mad Martin,


If you have any spare meat (read as dead aliens) after those battles, could you freeze them and send them my way? I have this new recipe for Alien Goulash that I would love to try. Thanks!


Sakarissa :D

And you wonder why you're moving up the list of "evil" empires...

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I'm not Evil. I'm just hungry. There is a difference.


Sakarissa :alien2:

The hungry need not stoop to ingesting sentient flesh. Or have you not achieved 1st Generation Agriculture? We'll happily send you the secret.

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I'm wondering what type of damage an MDD actually does. I'm guessing that the ones we can research at start do very little damage, at least from out normal expectations.


To use MDD's you simple need them in your cargo bays and then issue the BOMB order. While you have to get through any defenses around the target, the size (10 tons) means you can load a lot, and drop a LOT. Just think, the Fleet Scout designs of many players have lots of cargo space, enough so that if the low level MDD's do a lot of damage a fleet scout could devastate an undefended world.


Also due to the techs size and simplicity, I seem to be finding a lot of MDD's. For example, in recent turns my explorers have located 883 Thermo-Atomic Bombs and 1390 Nuclear Bombs (three finds add to this amount), 543 Telekinetic Blasters, and 35 Telekinetic Rippers. While I can certainly light up the sky with this load, if MDD's are very powerful I've got more than enough to turn anyone to cinders (barring tech advances like planetary shields).


Now, add in we all know there are more powerful MDD's out there. NWTX-4000 Planetcracker (my favorite name in the game), Earth Burner, Nova Bomb ... just to name a few I've personally learned of. Given the long road of more and more powerful MDD's (and better and bettere defenses), I believe the current low level MDD's will be far less effective than many believe they will be.

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The hungry need not stoop to ingesting sentient flesh. Or have you not achieved 1st Generation Agriculture? We'll happily send you the secret.



*claps hands happily* Let's play Semantics!


If the flesh we are eating is dead at the time of consumption, how is it sentient? Now, if the flesh were alive and kicking at the time of consumption, then, my dear Krelnut, you would have a point. And, yes, we are quite advanced in the area of food cultivation. After all, you can't have a main dish without side dishes or garnishes, now can you? :thumbsup:


Sakarissa :alien2:

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We do not understand... We are all sentient! Sentient cannot be food, sentient is same.



You are partially correct. While we are alive, we are sentient. *ahem* Some more than others. However, when a sentient individual dies, his life functions cease. This includes all brain, or what passes for a brain, functions. What is left over is dead non-sentient meat. Cooked and spiced in the right way, it is quite tasty. You ought to try some.


Sakarissa :alien2:

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