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I m thinking to join Holy Brewmasters of Beer :thumbsup: whenever see this emocon :) and that emocon makes me thirsty ....



I raise a forum discussion topic ....



How can I collect for and add lifeforms to my Imperial Zoo ?


What about a contest, which empire has the richest zoo ?

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I got my turn reciept today as well. I know it won't happen, but please can I have my turn tonight, before 7 pm PST, so I can have it for the weekend I'm away from my PC. :robot:

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Daz wrote:

"Im bettin RTG is going for a record as well so they too can enjoy the 4th of July weekend! Go RTG! You guys deserve some fun in the Sun!"


Do they get much sun in colorado? I thought that was the land of snow, like in southpark. :robot:

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Acually The Denver Area gets more than 300 sunny days a year. Colorado weather Report for the 4this hot and sunny throughtout the state with the occassioanal scattered rain shower possible. Would be a great day for some grilling if I did not have to work that night


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