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Out of orders for turns


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As unfortunate and pathtic as it may seem, sience I am still running a fairly small empire, I am constantly running out of things to spend my orders on. I paniced when I herd that the order limit had gone from 30 to 40! I have very ittle intention of expanding much anytime soon either, none of the planets like me. But I still don't like to waste my money. Any suggestions?

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Also you could...


You could make a few army units then perform TAC orders on your armies to establish their effectiveness


Perform FOB orders on each of your ship designs


NAME and AC your legendary characters (if you haven't already done that!)


Set up some empty Pop Groups on worlds you know of to aid furture exploring


Build and deploy some of the new system beacons

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Fully map your home system, and any system within 2 jumps.


Colonize any planet with good resources and moderate or less losses.


Build JJS3 or 4 and map everything within 8-10 jumps.


Set up system beacons and/or defense fleet perimeter.


Build XEXPL fleets and XOC to colony on planet below.






(The above tasks could take years to complete with single order turns.)

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Sha'thar hmmms.


You might also consider how to best colonize through one-way warp points. I think everyone will come into contact with a few of those. There are certainly lots of opportunities for long-term projects.


More fleets not connected to convoy routes will eat up orders. Or you could build more installations of one kind or another? You can always use more fuel, for instance.

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Other thoughtsss sssetup fleetsss that you will need, rename fleetsss to let you know what is them to expidite you turns. Asss below sssetup exploration fleetsss and/or diplomacy fleetsss, convoy routesss to the new frontier asss well. Sssend out sssome ssships and pmap, geo, orb (including your home world to check on findsss), do INSsst and ANZ orders. Experiment with Ssships can 4 pathfindersss bussst a C, how about 5, 6, 7 or 8... Map the cosssmosss, even a pathfinder with a lowly Mk I JSssSss can map A's and B's and with charters higher WP'sss, get your Mk II JSssSss out there.


CTO, Sssarasss

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