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how can I convince them it's in their best interests to join us?



Tell them to join or they will die.


If they refuse, crush them with a ground invasion.



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I just loaded up a freither with a bunch of Consumer Goods, Gemstones, and Precious Metals. 2 "Gift" orders and they joined right up :(


Of course, I had a decent level Diplomat on board, and have several racial bonuses for diplomacy - Telepathy, Good voices, Attractive, etc.

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Did you use the "Present Gifts" option first, then for example, the "Peaceful" option or did you just do the "Peaceful" option with gifts included in the order? Or did just the "Present Gifts" option bring them into your empire. If the last is the case, at what level did they join?




:( If this came across as confusing let me know and I will try to clarify.

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Hmmm...seems I did a bit more than I first thought, going back over it. Here's what ahppened in order:


Turn X (Diplomat level diplomat on board fleet): Diplomats aboard 112th Recon Group # 112 try to negotiate a Non-Aggression Pact with this neutral, but they shun your offer

and refuse to continue with diplomacy at this time. Your teams retain some hope, however, and vow to return in an attempt

to try again....


Turn X+1 (Diplomat level diplomat on board fleet): Diplomats aboard 112th Recon Group # 112 try to negotiate with this neutral, but they are quite rude and ignore almost

everything your teams try. Though some minimal progress is made, it is not considered to be an overly successful mission,

and the irritating humans are cursed soundly after your teams report back to the fleet....



Turn X+4 (Ambassador level diplomat on board fleet): Diplomats aboard 120th Survey Fleet # 120 successfully negotiate past several problem areas with this neutral, and improve

relations between your Empires! (I gave them 20,000 Consumer Goods)


Turn X+7 (Jr. Ambassador level diplomat on board fleet): Diplomats aboard 121st Survey Fleet # 121 successfully negotiate past several problem areas with this neutral, and improve

relations between your Empires! (I gave them 9990 Consumer Goods).


Turn X+8 (Ambassador level diplomat on board fleet): Negotiations with this neutral proceed extremely well, and the inhabitants here agree to join your Empire unconditionally! (I gave them 5000 Precious Metals).


So, it was 2 N.A.P. attempts plus 3 Gifts that did it. This was an Imperial remnant, BTW, not a primitive.

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I have tried several options and so far I don't get the time of day unless I give them stuff. My gift levels were as a part of the peaceful option and were for a bout 500 consumer goods a turn for 5-6 tries. For the subversion side of things I don't give anything yet. On the ultimatum front I just stand over the planet with as much navel harware as possible and make demands.


All in all I think you get much more straight forward results with troops. Since neutrals currently seem to be of more value just for the stuff they have in stockpile you should just drop troops and be done with it. Nobody has claimed to have met any resistance yet so it is only a matter of dropping a troop and it is yours.

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Hmm. That might be my best option in the long run, since I have a disadvantage in diplomacy. I may try to present more gifts first, though (don't want to accidentally wipe them out.) Is that possible? I also have a concern, because the planet they live on is a deadly environment to my species. I'm sure this would affect troop landing (even with environmental suits.) That's why I initially wanted to take the peaceful route...


Thanks for the suggestions, everybody! :angry:

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nah the enviroment of your target world just adds a modifier(most likely negative) unless its a perfect match with your homeworld. You troops are equipped to fight anywhere.

I have a position that swooped in on an Imperial Remnant on a planet that would have been an extremely high in attrition and they still took it over. of course there wasnt any resistance and imagine my surprise when I did a PMAP order on the planet this very turn to discover the colony beacon I dropped to set up the beachhead has 4 POP !!!! This has to be some kind of mistake as i never ever sent colonists in so how can there be 4 pop there?

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I've been working neutrals both ways both militarily and peaqcefully depending on style of empire. Giving gifts et such takes ages but may be more beneficial in the long run as Pete has hinted that you'll have some sort of "Diplomatic Track Record" when and if you stumble onto bigger fish in the universe...which I hope there is , something has to be happening out there...no players..just a lot of juggling production and searching worlds B)


Military conquest is quicker and since no neutral so far has sported any defense of any sort you're basically home safe...


I wonder what happens to dropped player empires?



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:woohoo: well I have tried the diplomatic approach with my Frog NPCs, and have made some success but still they have not joined yet. I have two fleets there both with a Diplomat character, and have done Gifts, Peaceful, Alliance, Total Alliance, and a few others. I have had a couple of sucesses but still hammering at them. I would much rather perfer a diplomatic peaceful merger than troop drop approach :angry:
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  • 2 weeks later...

I found a neutral with a slightly more uber explorer than a Pathfinder. Problem was, I had no "gifts"


So, in my haste, I gifted them FUEL :thumbsup:


The order worked great - however - the neutrals werent too hip on the quality of my fuel I suppose, heh.


The reason I share this is because I was sitting around thinking about what that would be like. You are an explorer on some far off planet and you bump into sentient life. Scrambling for ideas to make contact and extend the olive branch, someone on your ship suggests handing them half of the fuel supply....I can see the crew meeting now....


"Its settled! Captain, prepare the cannisters and load them with fuel. Send down our translator teams and tell them its all we have and there is more on the way."


In fact, the more I think about this, the more I'm glad the neutrals didnt drop everything to worship me. I would certainly hope it would take more than a few gas tanks to win the hearts and sentient minds of other worlds. :o


But in reality, I would have to at least give credit to the crew for making an effort - even if they managed to confuse the poor neutral bastards even more.

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Here's what one looks like.


-----PMAP (Planet Map)-----

PMAP: 117, b

117th Probe #117 located at XXXXX, conducts a detailed Planet Map of moon b


Orbit Temperature(Kelvin) Axial Tilt Gravity Atmosphere Ocean


9a 69 9 0.38 Chlorine Semi-liquid Hydrogen

Craters 33%, Frozen Gases 22%, Snow Drifts 21%, Crystal Plains 11%, Liquid Gases 9%, Glacier 2%, Semi-liquid Hydrogen 1%,

Crystal Forest 1%

Microorganisms on this world are virtually nonexistent. Pollution is nowhere to be seen, while Radiation levels are



Pop Group # 114: 117 population units, governed by Advanced Neutral #9011 (Swords And Starburst)




What you have to look for is the addition of the pop group listing at the bottom of the report.


Good Hunting :huh:

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