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While I have not uncovered this interesting tech, I would guess at Generational Computer Science, Generational Cybernetics, Generational Life and/or Medical Sciences. I have no idea what Generational level you would need of each but those sound the most promising.


Sakarissa B)

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Eternus got the 10,000th post!


I was wondering why the truck with the balloons and PR people showed up with ticker-tape and a gift certificate for a free lifetime supply of ceramic lawn trolls.


Even board trolls get lucky, I guess :(:P


I'd be the first to admit I've been spending too much time here - especially of late! :thumbsup:

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For sure:




Ex-GF's-parent's house....


Waiting for a driver's license.....




Long checkout lines.....


LA/Bay Area Bridge traffic.....


On a Berkeley-bound BART before a Raider game.....


A dog track.....


You're right :lol: These are but tame examples along the spectrum. Feel free to share yours :(

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