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GS BILL 072704-5-01: ABSTAIN


Do we really need to legislate this? I would think that this would be done voluntarily by those involved without having their fellow senators telling them to do so.

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GS BILL 072704-5-01: Yes


And PhaseDragon I do think we have to legislate this since there is no overalp between the committees that will investigate incidents and we as a group ought to see if investigation committees work or if we need to do something else to enforce our policies. Each committee on its own may look at this and not communicate with the others. Or maybe they will but why leave things to chance.

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Seconded by Eternus IV


After three incidents have been investigated by Senate Committees, those committees review in this forum what they thought worked and did not work so as to improve the procedure for investigating allegations against members of the Senate.





Right Honorable Sentient Beings of the Senate:


On behalf of the Collectivity I vote yes.


Senator Logion, 4579


Also, by proxy for the Boo COnsulate I vote yes (1006).


Aslo, by proxy, for the Kazarian Remnant I tender an official abstention (2372)

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Hail Noble Lords and Ladies of the Esteemed Galactic Senate


My Liege-Lord wishes to to enjoy the protections and benefits of the Galactic Senate and henceforth promises to honor the Bylaws ratified by the Galactic Senate. My King will remain a sovereign empire by the grace of god and divine right, but will honor any duties imposed upon him by the Senate for as long as He choses to remain a member. He also promises to inspire non-members to the high ideals and moral fortitude for which the Galactic Senate stands.”


As presented to the Galactic Senate on the behave of His Royal Majesty King Cunak Cannonfodder, Defender of the Faith, Protector of the Realm, High Lord Admiral of the Navy, and all around nice guy by Diplomat Serf Crukus Amungus


Majestic Star Kingdom, 4292

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Having encountered no opposition to the presentation of our diplomatic credentials my Liege-Lord has directed me to vote on the following bill:


GS BILL 072704-5-01: AYE


My Liege congratulates the Galactic Senate for suggesting an effective process of placating the grazing herds of the proletariat masses.


Serf Crukus Amungus for HRM Cunak Cannonfodder, MSK, 4292

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My Liege has directed me to hold a Senatorial Sumfeast to celebrate the end of our traditional planting season. We hope to let the Mead contract to the galaxy reknowned HBOB. We have MegaTons of Mineral Fertilizer to offer in compensation. Our sporting activities include Jousting and Serving Wenches. The King's Champion Sir Laught O'Lance will do his best to uphold the King's honor in both events.


As always, Your Humble Serf Crukus Amungus


Representative to HRM Cunak Cannonfodder, MSK

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We are happy to supply mead to those of an agricultural bent. Perchance, do you have flowers on your world that produce nectar? If so, we would gladly trade for seeds or sprouts, that we could make ever varied and succulent varieties of larva food for fermentation.

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